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There are many whites to choose from in the Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette®. Neutral whites, cool whites, warm whites...there's more to white than you think!

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White interior/Exterior imagesWhen it comes to paint, whites can have a dramatic impact on your house and choosing the right one, well it can be tricky. We like to consider these three main themes when choosing the perfect white your home's lighting location and of course its architectural style. North-facing rooms that don't get as much natural light need warmer whites to give the space from life conversely, south-facing rooms get more sunlight so cooler whites can help add balance. Paint samples on the walls live with them for a couple of days and see how the light reflects off them at different times of the day. Location has a big influence on which White's to choose for your home northern climates have cooler bluer natural lighting, so you may want to consider warmer whites southern climates have warmer natural lighting so cooler whites can help create a clean cool look. Homes architectural style can help narrow down your choice for whites, many traditional Spanish homes use warmer whites as do craftsman homes. Victorian homes use mostly warmer whites though some redesigns have shown that neutral and cooler whites can look quite beautiful. Mid-century modern homes favor neutral and cooler whites, desert ranch homes lean towards warmer whites while ranch style homes near the water look great with either warm or cool white depending on the home's design style. Scandinavian designs show best in cooler whites and neutral whites, tropical designs come alive with tinted and warmer whites that reflect the natural elements in the room such as wood and bamboo industrial designs use the whole range of whites depending on the other materials in the room. In general, traditional rooms look best with warm white painted walls for a relaxed setting while modern and contemporary rooms call for cool whites for a serene space with little distraction. You know that pristine gallery style look a neutral white or cool white can make your artwork pop textures patterns and materials can help an all-white room feel less sterile a rug art piece or warm white accessory will do the trick.
Salesperson Talking to CustomerDunn-Edwards also has many resources to help you choose the perfect white for your project. Drop in and pick up color chips to see how all the white undertones play against one another or discover more than 100 shades of white at the perfect And don't forget our in-store color advisor who can help you put together the look you want for your project no matter what your project. Dunn-Edwards has the products tools and advice he'll make sure your project turns out just the way you want.

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