How to Patch a Hole

Have a home painting project on the horizon? Before you start, it's crucial to patch the holes in your walls so that you get the best, even finish. Learn how to patch a hole in this super short paint hack video.

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Script Transcript
Opening- Dunn-Edwards Logo [Music Playing]
Women talking how to patch a whole view of a hole in an interior wall an extended hand supporting a box who fixed it all patching compound a spatula spreads a white creamy compound across the whole hands hold a hairdryer pointed at the patched hole to speed up dry time a set of hands opens a package and pulls out a sheet of sandpaper a hand stands the patched hole in the wall the hand holds a can of Crawford's vinyl spackling paste a hand uses a spatula to apply spackle to the patched hole a hand points a hairdryer at the patched hole a hand stands the area a roller spreads paint across the patched area a view of the blank painted wall title says voila view of dunn-edwards logo