How to Properly Dispose of Paint

Cole Schaefer, a professional painter, shares what to do and what not to do to properly and responsibly dispose of your leftover paint, other liquid waste, and empty paint containers.

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Man TalkingHi. I'm Cole Schaefer professional painter and welcome to Dunn-Edwards paints how to paint video series. So, you're all done with painting your project it looks great now you're ready to relax and enjoy it, but not so fast. You have some paint left over well what do you do with it? In this video I'll show you what to do and what not to do to properly and responsibly dispose of your leftover paint. Now while paint protects and makes your environment look beautiful when you have leftover paint it needs to be handled properly.
Wall being paintedThe best thing to do is use it up but in case you don't here's what you can do save some of the paint for touch-ups, give it to a friend a neighbor or community group. Unopened cans of stock paint can be taken back to your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards stores within 30 days of purchase.
Man TalkingNow if you still have unwanted or leftover paint you want to dispose of the most important thing to know is do not dump it. Spilling, pouring, dumping or discharging any liquid waste intentionally or by accident is illegal you also can't put it on or into the ground any body of water or storm drain doing so may result in large fines and even jail time. So instead take it to a household special waste roundup which can be found by searching online.
Washing paint brushAlso you should know what to do with the wash water that comes from the cleanup of brushes rollers spray equipment or any other minor spills if it contains only water-based paint residue it's regarded as non-hazardous and may be poured down the sink or drain that is connected to sanitary sewer leading to a water treatment plant.
Man TalkingNow like paint it cannot be poured into the ground, a body of water or a storm drain. Lastly there are the empty containers now completely dry empty water-based paint containers of 5 gallon or less can be recycled or disposed along with ordinary household trash. For oil-based paint containers or containers of any combustible or flammable liquids never put them in your trash without asking your municipal waste hauler first. Now some don't accept empty hazardous materials containers, more information can be found on waste disposal by conducting a simple search online or by checking with your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store. Remember they're always there to help so for all of us here at Dunn-Edwards paints I'm Cole Schaefer thanks for watching and happy painting.
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