How to Load a Brush with Paint

While it may be a knee-jerk reaction, scraping excess paint off your brush is not the best way to paint and can actually cost you time AND energy. Learn how to properly load a brush with paint in this super short paint hack video.

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Opening- Dunn-Edwards Logo [Music Playing]
how to load a brush with paints hands pour gallon of paint into a two gallon buckets hand dips paint brush into buckets hand scrapes excess paint off using edge of the bucket hand displays reduced amount of paint on brush bristles after scraping against edged hand paints panel to show how much surface can be painted arrow appears showing how much surface is painted hand dips paint brush into bucket taps brush on the side of the bucket displays bristles covered in paint hand paints same panel for comparison and more surfaces painted two arrows appear comparing how much surface was painted dunn-edwards logo [Music]