How Much Paint Should I Buy

Cole Schaefer, a professional painter, will show you an easy way to calculate how much paint you'll need for your project. All you have to do is enter details about the room you're painting, including the dimensions of doors and windows, and the finish you plan to give your surfaces to arrive at an estimate of how much Dunn-Edwards paint your project requires.

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Man TalkingHi. I'm Cole Schaefer, professional painter and welcome to Dunn-Edwards paints how to paint video series. You know when planning paint a room it can be difficult to know how much painting you'll need to buy, you certainly don't want to start painting and run out nor do you want to buy more than you need and waste money. But never fear, in this video we will show you an easy way to get an accurate idea of how much paint you'll need for your project.
Man measuring roomSo first you'll need some measurements. With a sturdy tape measure get the dimensions for the height of the room, the length of the room, the width of the room, the doors, and any windows. You also need to make some notes on how many doors and windows are in the room add any other areas you're going to paint such as a fireplace mantel or soffit also consider adding the ceiling if you plan on painting it.
Project Planner/ Paint Calculator ToolNext log on to So once you're there start by selecting the shape of the room you'll be painting is it square rectangular l-shaped or do you have a room with cathedral ceilings. Next enter the height length and width of your room and the dimensions for the areas you won't be painting into the calculator, be sure to check the “I'm painting a ceiling” checkbox if you're painting the ceiling then choose the number of Coach plan to paint Dunn-Edwards recommend at least two coats of paint for the truest color and best coverage. Lastly select the finish you want. For help in selecting the right finish for your project see the selecting the right gloss video which can be found on Then click get estimate and voila! The paint calculator automatically tells you how much paint you'll need and what type of paint is recommended for your project.
Man TalkingNow please keep in mind the paint calculator is provided for general information and illustration purposes only the results are to be used just as estimates now if you need more specific advice my friends at your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store are always there to help so for all of us here at Dunn-Edwards paints, I'm Cole Schaefer thanks for watching and happy painting.
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