Prepping a Room for Painting

When it comes to painting, proper preparation is important to achieve the best results. In this video, professional painter Cole Schaefer shows you what you need to do to get ready to paint and the supplies you'll need to get the job done right.

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Man TalkingHi I'm Cole Schaefer professional painter and welcome to Dunn-Edwards paints how to paint video series you know when it comes to painting proper preparation of your work area and painting service is important to achieve the best results in this video I'll show you what you need to get your room and walls ready to paint and what supplies and tools you'll need to get the job done right so let's go over some of the materials you'll need.
Supplies Needed ClipFirst, you'll need some basic supplies such as sandpaper and a sanding block to rough up any shiny areas and smooth out any rough spots, spackle and a putty knife to fill in any small holes, caulk and a caulking gun to repair cracks and corners and around moldings, masking tape and paper to tape off glass and other fixtures, drop cloths and plastic sheeting to cover the floor furniture and other areas, and rags or wiping cloths. You also need some basic tools such as a screwdriver to remove outlet covers and a pair of pliers to remove artwork or picture nails and hooks from the wall and don't forget a ladder to reach those high places especially if you have ceilings over eight feet tall. And don't forget about your safety, you need a dust mask to protect yourself from dust while sanding, some safety glasses to protect your eyes from paint splatter or other debris. You can find all these items at your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store so be sure to pick them up along with your Dunn-Edwards premium paint. And before you start be sure to check out Dunn-Edwards surface preparation and safety brochure for additional safety information which can be found at your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store or by visiting
Man TalkingIf it's not possible to get everything out of the room move any large pieces to the center and cover them with plastic sheeting. To protect the floors, it's best to use canvas drop cloths versus plastic which can cause you to slip and fall. Spread out as many 4 by 15 canvas runners as you need along all the walls. Next remove anything hanging on the walls such as our worker pictures, remove hooks or nails in the walls, consider removing any window treatment mounts, remove electrical cover plates and cover the outlets with tape. Well now you're ready to prep your walls for paint consider lightly sanding all the walls using a pole sander or 220 grit or higher sandpaper you want to concentrate on areas of the walls that have imperfections from previous jobs such as paint streaks or runs. Next be sure to patch any cracks and holes then lightly sander repairs to get a smooth surface for easy painting also sand glossy areas such as molding trim or door to provide a rough surface for good paint adhesion. If you don't do this you could run the risk of the paint peeling off very easily. After all the patching and sanding is complete use a damp rag to wipe down all the surfaces and remove any of the dust. With all the dirt and dust removed you're ready to caulk the corners and gaps between any moldings and walls. Lastly apply masking tape around trim doors and windows to avoid getting paint on them, don't forget to run your finger along the edge to create a tight seal so the paint won't bleed under, this will also provide you with a clean straight edge. Okay well now you're ready to prime and of course Dunn-Edwards sells a variety of premium primers you can learn more about them and the benefits of priming and Dunn-Edwards prime video which can be found on or simply visit your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store. Well now that your room is prepped correctly you're assured to have a paint job that will last for years and years so for all of us here at Dunn-Edwards paints I'm Cole Schaefer thanks for watching and happy painting.
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