Free Color Consultation Service

Want to paint but not sure which color to choose? Dunn-Edwards is here to help! Come in and enjoy a FREE, one-to-one color consultation, in-store, with one of our highly knowledgeable Professional Color Advisors.

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Salesperson Talking to Customer One of the things that really sets Dunn-Edwards apart from our competitors is our free and store color consultation service. Super personalized and specifically tailored to each and every client this one-on-one service illustrates Dunn-Edwards commitment to providing superior customer service and quality products. Color selection can be a challenge and picking the right paint and gloss levels can be confusing. People can feel overwhelmed and intimidated, that's where our Dunn-Edwards color expert step in. Our professional color advisors provide expert advice based on your specific needs. They're familiar with each one of the 1996 colors in our perfect pallet color system and can help you focus in on the hue you're most drawn to. They will help you develop a color palette to create a finished space that reflects your style perfectly. what we recommend that you bring in photos of your home fabric swatches tiles flooring samples anything that inspires you so we can navigate you through our color system.
Digital Renderings on Computer We'll use these materials to create digital renderings that the color schemes you desire so you can see what your space looks like before any paint hits the walls.
Salesperson Talking to Customer We definitely recommend that you make an appointment so we can truly dedicate that time to you to work on your project so please call your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards paint store so we can schedule your free color consultation
Perfect Palette Sampler And don't forget visit slash free sample to obtain your free 8 ounce color sample coupon it's always a good idea to test your color choices before making a major purchase to see exactly how the look Dunn-Edwards 8 ounce perfect palate sampler is perfect for this once you're happy with your color choice you're ready to paint.
Woman Painting - Interior Living Room And thanks to our color consultation services you can feel confident in your color decisions now all that's left is to admire the result a stunning space that you've always dreamed about.