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Dunn-Edwards started as a family-owned company, and those values hold true to this day. Customers and employees are treated like family, and joining the Dunn-Edwards team is joining a legacy of respect, pride and ethics.

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Behind the Scenes Clip Take 1 take 2 Mark, so I forget what the question was. Okay where's make up. They are a leader.. sorry can we start over?
Greg Johnson Talking My name is Greg Johnson, I'm a regional store operations manager for Dunn-Edwards paints.
Jason Pfeiffer Talking My name is Jason Pfeiffer and I've been a driver for done ours for four and a half years.
Employees Talking Currently a store manager at our Tempe location, and I'm an outside sales representative, and I'm a manufacturing engineer. I've been here 22 years, not going anywhere else you know this is a place to be. I love that I get to do something new every single day. There is always a different project a different job. You never get something repetitive it's always different
Deming Talking What interested me and coming to dunn-edwards is my background is interior design. The things that really drew me to dunn-edwards were oh my goodness they've been around forever. If they're staying there's a reason they're staying there's something that's keeping them and I wanted to know what is it why do these people stay. Well, I'm one of them now.
Anne Talking I wanted a sales job that had a little more meat to it.
Employee Talking It feels like your own business everybody is working but they're working within a team.
Sam Talking So coming out of the Marine Corps it's a team mentality and when I joined uh no tours I realized certainly after I joined that it's the same type of environment
Inside the Factory Clip [Music]
Employees Talking / Inside the Factory Clip You're part of a bigger organization it has a smaller company field where everyone really relies on one another to reach common goals. They're all innovative. driven people that really enjoy what they're doing. I'm proud of the high level quality product that we produce.
Deming Talking Either want it or you don't and if you see enough and there's value and a company look at the history of the company and the quality of the product and you want to be comfortable and feel like you can honestly sell what you produce this would be that company.
Employees Talking / Inside the Factory Clip It's always new challenges new adventures. You actually know the people in your corporate office you know who the officers of the company are. It's great, it's like working with friends.
Mark Talking You know in this day and age it's difficult to find a company that cares so much about its employees.
Sam Talking It provides an environment or you have opportunity to grow with the company.
Jennifer Talking Dunn-Edwards shows me the love by providing me an opportunity to learn and to grow.
Lena Talking Dunn-Edwards always supported my career and my development within the company because every time you get a position you're put on a development plan
Sam Talking At every level of my career I've always had a manager that was supportive always looking to challenge me to get me on the right path of where I wanted to go with my career here at Dunn-Edwards.
Greg Johnson Talking This company empowers its employees so it makes you feel great when they give you a voice.
Sylvia Talking I'm a mom first I'm a wife next and then I'm a businesswoman.
Jason Pfeiffer Talking Dunn-Edwards gave me the ability to have a great life with my kids when I leave work we go get ice cream and do daddy-daughter things you know and Dunn-Edwards helped me be able to do that and I'm grateful for that.
Amy Talking / Employees Clip How many people love coming in and doing what they do. I work in this incredible environment that I enjoy coming to every day, that my husband thinks is not natural well I think he's crazy because I love what I get to do and I think it's crazy not to have that.
Employees Talking Clip There's nobody that I work with whose first name I don't know. TIt's just such a great group of people that's what I thrive off of, that's what brings me to work. If you're a people person then this is it's a great place for you. I love my job you know so when they ask me tell them I love my job I get to see something different every day. It's forced me to grow and kind of look at the way that I do things. It's probably one of the best decisions I ever made. You're actually a person to them not just a number, that's why I Dunn-Edwards over any other large corporation. Every region I went to would say the same thing, this place feels like family.
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