How to Paint Wood Furniture

With just a few basic tools, Tracy Metro, an interior designer, shows you step by step how to paint an old piece of furniture and turn it into a jazzy new-looking piece that will get noticed in your house.

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Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette Clip Since the launch of our Perfect Palette 10 years ago, this color selection system has established Dunn Edwards as the number one choice of design professionals specifying color solutions.
Sara Mclean talking We applied a three pronged strategy when developing the original perfect palette.
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette Clip It would need to function flawlessly for color design, performance and selection purposes. Over the years, it has done just that offering a complete range of colors for designers and architects, while delivering colors with great fidelity, durability, and hide.
Color Selection Tools Clip All of this presented in a comprehensive set of easy use color selection tools. From the moment it first launched we knew that keeping the Perferct Palette perfect would be a process. That process began, with designers and architects suggesting that Dunn Edwards take the lead in establishing a historic color collection for the Southwest. We were happy to answer that call and set off on the assignment quite meticulously. We soon discovered that not only was it fascinating to chronicle the palette of the past,
Exterior Design Images there was an interesting relationship between the colors of our historic Southwest and the new popular Hughes, which designers are creating the current trends.
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette Clip To get the historic conditions of to our perfect palettes just right, I worked extensively with David Wessel and the Architectural Resources Group in San Francisco.
David Wessel Talking Architectural Resource Group is a full service architectural firm, and our focus has always been the preservation of historic resources and historic buildings. Sarah and I were literally up to our necks in over seven hundred possible contenders before arriving at the one hundred forty two definitive colors that represent the palette of the Southwestern architectural history.
Sara Mclean talking Mark Woodman is past president of Color Marketing Group and sits on several international colored forecasting panels. So as an expert in color forecasting in design and with his past in the paint industry felt his knowledge of color palette work and color trends, would really lead us to a creation of a well balanced professional color palette.
Mark Woodman Talking When Sarah brought me onto the process, we discovered that working together that new trending colors worked well to create a full palette that also blended with the historic colors. We knew that just putting out colors saying, here’s something new isn't enough. It doesn't resonate with consumers and with people who just really really love color design. So we looked at historical aspect where is color coming from, where is it going, and how do they all work together.
Color Creations Process Clip Combining art with science technology aids, including the use of color software to digitally analyze the color space, were critical to be certain the process was comprehensive and complete.
Inside the Factory Clip We checked and rechecked all the final colors for new additions within our palette against the needs of designers and existing colors within competitors systems.
Color Quality Assurance Testing Clip And Mark Minamyer, Dunn Edward’s Vice president of product development and quality assurance and his team of experts put the final technical stamp of approval on the whole color selection process.
Mark Minamyer Talking Meeting our standards for fidelity, durability, and hide, are the final requirements for any color to become part of the Dunn Edward’s Perfect Palette.
Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette Clip Ultimately, we arrived in an additional three hundred Then, Now and Forever colors. One hundred forty two historically accurate, one hundred fifty eight popular and trending new colors. Dunn Edwards Perfect Palette is now three hundred colors more perfect.
Mark Woodman Talking Now, architects, designers, and color condenseurs, have an additional layer of excellence with a three hundred Then, Now and Forever colors, completing Dunn Edwards Perfect Palette.
David Wessel Talking I think it's wonderful that Architects and Designers will finally have a historic color palette created specifically for the Southwest.
Color Sample Clip Now that we had our three hundred Then, Now and Forever colors and consensus from our experts that they are perfect.
Printing Color Sample Clip It just became a matter of incorporating them seamlessly into our Perfect Palette Color tool system.
Perfect Palette Color System Clip The system remains the most complete, easy to use color program with the addition of these 300 new colors. They’re numbered DET400 through DET699 with the historic colors designated by an H and an octagon symbol.
Color Palette Album Clip All three hundred, can easily be found behind their own section dividers in the master fan deck. And a perfect palette color album, within many decks, nine and ten, and the designers travel kit.
Color Store Display And finally, they really stand out on their own section at the right side of the new store display.
Interor / Exterior Design Images Where it now becomes easier than ever for anyone to specify historic colors with complete accuracy or choose from designer trending colors with total confidence.
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