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Why Fall Colors Have All-Year-Round Staying Power

Design Trends

Fall is an exciting time for color. As the weather starts to change, nature brings on a flurry of vibrant earth-toned leaves and landscapes, rust-orange pumpkins and scarlet apples. Fall also welcomes in a change of pace as the year winds down. That is why we love embracing the lush tones that make us feel cozy and warm. Warm and rich tones are a staple of fall color palettes but these shades are so versatile they can easily be incorporated into many design styles that last all year round.


Fall colors can accent more than just a single season of the year. Many deep warm shades often identified with the fall season can be used in an updated and appealing way that will hit on current design trends.


As an accent color in a hallway, on a door or back splash, a warm color can add depth. Dunn-Edwards Scarlet Past (DEA150) is a classic rich red that mimics autumn leaves but still feel vibrant so as to feel upbeat on a sunny summer day. Similarly, orange is color that can go from fall to a mid-century modern accent. An amber-infused orange such as Cognac (DET464) (once even called “Autumn Orange” ) is a popular earthy orange of the postwar era. With true mid-century roots, this color, which is part of our Then, Now, and Forever ® collection, is another example of a traditionally fall color that has staying power all year round.


Further, a major design trend for 2017 is a deep, dark green painted throughout a major space like a bedrooms or living rooms. It’s an evocative color trend that you’ll see on display in places like the 2017’s Pasadena Showcase House. There, Denise Bosley Interiors used Refined Green (DEA181) to create a dramatic modern bedroom. A mossy green like Greener Pastures (DET529) or a dark jewel toned Deep Pine (DEA180) adds luxury and sophistication that’s hard not to love all year round.


Purple is another versatile fall color. Try a hue with a mauve tones like Princely Violet (DE5957) for a guest bathroom or as a color for furniture like a bed frame or console. It’ll surely be the centerpiece of whatever room you use it in from fall to summer.

No matter what fall color may be on your mind, Dunn-Edwards has a hue to satisfy all your warm toned inspirations. From the boldest to the neutral, we have the paint color to accompany the autumn weather and take your home design into every season of the year.