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Predicting Color Trends: A Look Back at Dunn-Edwards Influential Colors

Design Trends

At Dunn-Edwards Paints, we take color seriously. When predicting color trends, we pour over extensive research to provide you with the freshest, innovative paint colors at the forefront of today’s design trends. We explore factors like cultural trends both locally and internationally. Additionally, to make our color picks, we look at what’s trending in notable events, fashion, arts & entertainment, literature and architecture. We've just released our latest annual Trend Report, we’re taking a look back at the most influential colors and color trends of years past.

2017 Color of the Year:

First, let’s look at the Dunn-Edwards 2017 Color of the year Honey Glow (DE5354). The inspiration for this hot paint color arose from global and cultural trends — the exploration of new territories, the fight for the survival of honeybees, as well as the influence of Brazil and the 2016 Olympics. To learn more about our process of selecting 2017’s Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year watch this video.


Dunn-Edwards 2017 Color of the Year Honey Glow (DE5354). Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert


Image Credit: Forrest Cavale via UNSPLASH

2016 Color Trends:

Our 2016 Color Trend Report also similarly reflects cultural inspiration. By exploring Home - our experiences within it — and how it connects us to our past, present and future — we were able to unlock five paint color palettes that provided different themes and moods reflective of that year’s on-the-verge color trends.

  • To the Manor Born — inspired by the age of romance, highlighted with softness and paired with muted neutrals.
  • Back at the Ranch — inspired by the wild, primitive, authentic and simple. This palette ranges between masculine and earthy natural colors.
  • Midnight at Bar Do Copa — this palette is for the globetrotter. These colors offer opulence and eccentricity — neon brights and molten metals.
  • Summer Camp — this palette will take you down memory lane. It is playful and inspired by 1950’s era family playfulness and the spirit of surf culture.
  • An Island to Myself — for that visionary in need of a retreat. With a fresh focus on countries like Bali and Iceland, this palette is rich with blue hues, soft cloudy whites, grays and violets.


Image Credit: Jaymantri via PEXELS

2015 Color Trends:

In 2015 , Dunn-Edwards drew inspiration from social, cultural and demographic changes. Influences like the latest in technological advancements, as well as the search for spiritual fulfillment. Again, we chose five distinct and reflective color palettes.



  • Romance and Remembrance. This trending paint color palette was inspired by the Renaissance era and all its emotion - with a modern day twist.
  • Spirit of the West. This palette takes you on a journey from the American West, to South America, as well as Cuba and the Caribbean.
  • Kaleidoscope. This trending color palette is influenced by summer time and the vivid and vibrant colors associated with the season’s far flung journeys.
  • LA Eccentricities. This color palette is inspired by the bohemian vibe of Los Angeles along with its quirky people and vast array of personalities.
  • Into the Abyss. This color palette tells a story of the sea, water, and life in the Far East.


Image Credit: Wolf Schram via UNSPLASH

We cannot wait to share what we have cooking for 2018. Check out the 2018 Color and Design Trend Report— and stay tuned for upcoming announcement of the 2018 Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year. We are always bringing you fresh new colors and design trends. So check back with us soon for more exciting color news. And if you’re looking for our latest trending paint colors be sure to see our Colors of the Month for April and May.