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Building a Room Around Blue

Design Trends

Bold colors are some of the hottest color trends this year. One of our favorite bold colors at the moment is blue. Bold colors are fun and inspirational -- and they can be just as straightforward as white around which to design a space. Today, we’re talking about a few of Dunn-Edwards beautiful blues, providing inspiration for creating the perfect room with blue.

Why Is Blue Trending?
Why are we loving the paint color blue right now? Because the color blue is cool, calm, and showcases a sense of adventure. Whether that blue is reminiscent of an ocean at world’s end, or the small streets and alleyways of Chefchaouen, Morocco, or the cobalt rooftops of Oia, Greece, blue is a color for adventurous people who aren’t afraid to be bold and explore the world around them.


Image Credit Marcia Prentice

The color blue and its bohemian sensibility looks to play a key role in the transition from Scandinavian-inspired minimalistic design trends to that of eclectic maximalism. A design trend that focuses on curated items of luxury craftsmanship and exotic collections from around the world, much like this Spanish Revival home in Los Feliz, California, with its very own sense of adventure.

One of our favorite shades of blue is Rare Turquiose (DEA133). In fact, you’ll recognize Rare Turquoise as part of the Adventure color palette from trend story 4 from our 2018 Color + Design trends report. Check out some of the ways we love building a room around the blue hue Rare Turquoise to emphasize the color’s adventurous spirit.


  • Wooden furniture pieces (in varying tones) with carved detailing adds fun textures to a colorful and eclectic space.
  • Curating a space by mixing patterns can quickly and easily create a globally-inspired maximalist space.
  • Get creative with seating arrangements, a hanging chair or colorful folding chairs can add function and form.
  • Pendant lights in different colors - and at varied heights - make a space feel vibrant and whimsical.
  • Turning a carpeted ottoman into a coffee table provides texture and a worldly feel

How To Use Blue In The Bedroom?
Blue paint is also great in a bedroom. The color’s calming sensibility lends a tranquility to bedrooms which is conducive to a good night’s sleep. Take for example, Jaclyn Johnson’s bedroom. For an accent wall, Johnson chose a Dunn-Edwards’ midnight hue with grey undertones, Parisian Night (DEA184).


Image Credit: Monica Wang

Dunn-Edwards Paints has endless choices of interior and exterior paints in all shades of blue to best compliment your space. At Dunn-Edwards we are committed to helping you find the perfect shade of blue. Now, it’s easier than ever to realize your dream space. Just download our Dunn-Edwards Insta-Color ® app and with a click, you can upload a photo from your personal library or choose one from ours, to give your space an instant paint job.