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I had been working at a Starbucks and a few Dunn-Edwards managers were regular customers. I always helped them, and they must have seen something in me, as they would often ask if I was interested in a job. After I left Starbucks, the first call I made was to Dunn-Edwards.

I started in June 2012 as a sales associate. As my knowledge and experience expanded, I went on to run Orange County’s Submittal Center, was promoted to the assistant store manager, then store manager, and today I work at the corporate office as a Marketing Content Coordinator. Joining Dunn-Edwards made me feel like I had become a “real” working professional. I love the overall sense of camaraderie. Everyone here is in it for the same reason — and we are going to achieve it together.

I engage our social media followers and with the rest of the marketing team, brainstorm ways to better serve them. A day doesn’t go by without working with Marketing Communications Manager Christina Bantigue, as she has been instrumental in my development.

Dunn-Edwards has been key to my professional development and career growth. The path to my current position started when I asked our CEO, Karl Altergott, a simple question — “What I can do with a bachelor’s in communications at Dunn-Edwards?” Thanks to him and the connections he directed me to, I interned at Dunn-Edwards and learned a great deal about what it takes to be a marketing professional.

One of the many reasons I’m proud to work at this company is all the resources it offers to its employees. I have never worked anywhere I felt that I could truly achieve my goals and be supported every step of the way.

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