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When I earned my bachelor of science in interior design in 2012, the economy was recovering from the “Great Recession” of the mid-to-late-2000s. I interned for an interior designer who, due to the economy, spent more time doing weddings and events than interior design — although I was able to dabble in decorating while running events. During that time, I also worked in the restaurant industry.

After two years of working both jobs, I wanted a stable career where I could use and expand my design knowledge. A friend from college worked at Dunn-Edwards and she frequently posted on social media about how much she loved her job. I reached out to her to learn more about the Professional Color Advisor (PCA) program role — I have now been in the PCA department for more than eight years.

I love working for a company that is well-established and has a long history of providing superior products and excellent customer service.

I like that my job is different every day — checking and responding to emails, as well as making calls with PCAs and fellow management. I also enjoy visiting my stores — building relationships with managers and team members — and collaborating with other departments such as sales and marketing.

Each of us at Dunn-Edwards is encouraged to take advantage of the company’s numerous opportunities for career development. I work closely with my direct manager on my career goals. We focus on extra tasks and projects that allow me to interact with other branches of the organization, learn how they operate.

In the end, I appreciate and am most proud of the supportive environment at Dunn-Edwards. Everyone truly cares about one another and wants to help you succeed.

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