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Top Tan Paint Colors For A Warm, Neutral Space

Design Trends

Why Tan is Trending?
Choosing a top tan paint color? Whether you’re choosing a warm neutral paint for a living room, a perfect tan color for a bedroom, or a tan paint for the kitchen, the color tan is taking over when it comes to classic neutrals.


We’ve noted, along with design publications like MyDomaine, that warm tan neutral shades are in popular demand right now. Why? Well, after the doozy of a year we had in 2020, many people are reaching for classic, earthy shades that connect them with natural surroundings. Enter tan, a light brown color named for the way animal hides look after the tanning process. Since tan tones are from the brown color family they pair well with other earth tones and can play well with whites and soft, dusty pinks.


Popular Tan Paint Colors
Like all neutrals, tan provides a gorgeous backdrop that naturally compliments other colors without competing for attention. We’ve highlighted some top Dunn-Edwards tan paint colors in our 2021 Color + Design Trends. We’re talking about warm neutrals like the milky soft Almond Latte (DE6143), orange-tan Burnt Almond (DE5258), and the sandier Paper Sack (DE6173). We like Burnt Almond so much, it’s one of the five hues used in our collaboration with Lamps Plus for their exclusive Color Plus™ lamp line.


A look to our Modern Farmhouse Curated Color Palette offers more top tans paint colors like Stucco Tan (DE6205), a crisp beige mixed with gray which is ideal for cultivating a look in one of today’s most popular design styles.




For the 2020 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, designer Ammie Kim utilized a series of top tan and warm neutral colors for her dining room design. Colors like Finest Silk (DE6127), Sand Dune (DE6128), Light Aspiration (DE6185), Desert Floor (DE6186), Rustic Taupe (DE6129) and others coalesced together forming a mural of the idyllic French countryside. While Sara and Rich Combs of the Joshua Tree House utilized warm neutrals like Warm Hearth (DE6110) and the light orange-tan Adobe South (DEC709) in their Sonoran desert retreat, The Posada.


Want more tans? Click here for a further look at our curated collection of warm neutral paint colors.