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Best Brown Colors for Spanish Homes

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Rustic, yet sophisticated, Spanish-style homes dot the landscape throughout the Southwest and beyond. It’s a style that people love and shows no signs of slowing down as its history is ingrained into local legend and lore. Ranging from Spanish Colonial and Spanish-Mediterranean, to Mission, Pueblo and the revival of each of these historical designs, its easy to see that there is a wide variety of styles in Spanish architecture.

However, they share many common elements like inspiration from nature and the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, along with attention to detail in tile, ironwork, courtyards, fireplaces and so much more. It’s easy to see why Spanish-style homes are favored among homeowners.



Spanish Features
Spanish homes are cozy and warm with color palettes that reflect the aesthetic. Warm terracotta shades of orange, red and brown are traditional hues that make the home complete. Whether you choose subdued
palettes, more vibrant colors or earthy and muted, there is a variety of choices reflecting nature and Spanish culture. Here are 12 brown and warm neutral colors for Spanish architecture including historically accurate hues from our Then, Now & Forever Collection.

And here are 12 exterior color schemes for Spanish style homes using a variety of warm neutrals and browns from our in-store color card selection for additional guidance:







Brown Color Palettes for Spanish Architecture
To highlight the best of Spanish design and create the best color palette using the color brown, consider these four ideas:

  • Restful Retreat: Blending warm whites and neutrals with a range of brown tones sets the cozy mood of this spaces. Browns are infused on the plaster mantel, doors and furnishings against the soft warm white backdrop of the plaster walls.



  • Deep reddish-browns, black and sandstone. Lean into the romance and drama of Spanish style design by employing a rich palette of deeper colors and ornate ironwork balanced with sandstone. Show off a pottery collection for a finishing, colorful touch.


Walls: DEA156 Cherry Cola

  • Spanish Walk. Spain and the Mediterranean provide incredible inspiration for both interiors and exteriors. Here we walk along a Spanish walkpath filled with colorful stucco and stone buildings, artful ironwork and colorful tile on the way to the waterfront.


Building Body Colors matched to Dunn-Edwards from left to right: DET481 Sunny Disposition, DET488 Golden West, DEC724 Spanish White.

  • Spanish steps. The decorative and intricate designs of Spanish tile are world-renowned, and artisans today still employ many of the techniques for making these artful creations over generations. Color palettes can easily be pulled using a favored design.


Color Palette matched to Dunn-Edwards: DE5202 Desert Spice, DE5354 Honey Glow, DEA157 Cellar Door, DET529 Greener Pastures, DE5590 Nature

Check out more of our past ideas and information on Spanish style architecture, along with further research on color palettes for Spanish style exteriors. And tour one of our favorite local towns for Spanish Colonial architecture, Santa Barbara, California. Interested in our historically-accurate Spanish colors? Read more on our process and results of the Spanish Colonial colors and 20th-Century Revival colors for our Then, Now & Forever Collection. And check out why we chose Art and Craft (DET682) as our 2022 Color of the Year.