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2018 Color Trends Shine Bright In Las Vegas Artist Eric Vozzola's Work

Artistic Inspiration

The pond next to Eric Vozzola was as still as glass. Cast in it, he noticed, was a perfect reflection of the Milky Way. The sky above Vozzola was crystal clear. At nearly 11,000 feet up in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of Onion Valley, California there was zero light pollution to spoil the Perseid Meteor Shower the Las Vegas-based artist and his buddies had come to watch.

Landscape picture

The starscapes and mountainscapes, like those in Onion Valley or around Las Vegas, are frequently the subject of Eric Vozzola’s work as a visual artist. “I love incorporating those natural elements from my surrounding environment in my work when I can. I also love the action of physically painting these natural elements —– they seem to flow very fluid from my hand, and I feel very free when I'm painting these things,” explains Vozzola. In fact, it is these very natural elements and his trip to Onion Valley that were the inspiration for the artist’s latest work created with Dunn-Edwards paints. Utilizing hues from 2018’s emerging color and design trends, Vozzola crafted a painting in a palette that pulls from our trend stories on The Stars and Adventures. Hues like Highlighter (DE5404), Purple Odyssey (DEA143) and Rare Turquoise (DEA133) absolutely transfix in this landscape-meets-geometric work.

Landscape picture creation

As a Las Vegas native, Vozzola is no stranger to vibrant colors. “The vibrancy and energy [of Las Vegas] always find itself in my work through the color palettes and contrast I tend to use. I'm always using bright, colorful palettes, that remind me of the liveliness of my city, and are directly influenced by our desert sunsets,” says Vozzola, who also just completed a collaborative multimedia art installation at the city’s annual Life is Beautiful festival.

Stairs street art

Bird picture

To paint those famous desert sunsets and mountains he trusts Dunn-Edwards VERSAFLAT® and SPARTASHIELD® for his projects, large or small scale. They provide a rich color and an easy application. “It really only takes one solid coat to get a nice rich color,” he notes. Up next for Eric Vozzola is a solo art show on October 24, at the Whitney Library Gallery in Las Vegas, followed by another solo show at his alma mater UNLV. Of his native city Vozzola admits he’s never seen it come together quite like it has in the wake of the tragic events at the Route 91 Harvest festival. “It's super inspiring.”

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Photography courtesy of Eric Vozzola