A man standing in front of a building

I have been in the Army Reserves for 12 years. Seven years ago, I had just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan when I was recruited at a military job fair at Dodger Stadium. When I interviewed, everyone at the store was welcoming and friendly.

The opportunity for growth at Dunn-Edwards is great compared to previous employers. Before starting at Dunn-Edwards, I had never held a management position. At Dunn-Edwards, I had great mentors who guided me to success. I started out as a sales associate and — in only seven years — am now a store manager!

In my job, I constantly see new faces, and the people of Agoura Hills have been extremely welcoming. I meet with customers, walk jobsites and learn more about the city. In the store, I have a great staff that is extremely excited about all the new experiences that a new store brings.

Working for Dunn-Edwards has given so much pride in myself and the company. I love the relationships I’ve built within the company and with customers. It feels like I have added to my family over the years.

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A man standing in front of a building
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