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Green Paints Put More Green in Your Pocket


Dunn-Edwards: Greener by Design

Guided by our Greener by Design philosophy, Dunn-Edwards has a long and proud history of being a leading green paint company. From our eco- and people-friendly ingredients, to our honest and upfront labeling, to our LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility, we have always been dedicated to manufacturing the highest-performing paint that promote the well-being of our customers and our planet. What does this mean for you? Simply, you have the ability to offer your clients the safest and best-performing paints in the market — and here’s how we do it:

  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints — Dunn-Edwards offers a wide range of Low, Ultra Low and Zero VOC primers and paints. From EZ-PRIME® and ULTRA-GRIP® primers, to Ultra-Premium EVEREST® and SUPREMA® for interior surfaces and EVERSHIELD® and SPARTASHIELD® for exteriors, we manufacture the healthiest, best-performing coatings in the industry. Click here to learn more
  • Zero VOC Colorants — Dunn-Edwards Zero VOC colorants perform the same as conventional colorants, but with no added VOC solvents. Also, unlike colorants used by others, our Zero VOC colorants are free of any U.S. EPA "Chemicals of Concern."
  • EG-Free® and TAC/HAP-Free — Ethylene Glycol (EG) is a solvent often found in water-based paints and is listed as a Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP). Thirty-five years ago, we led the industry as the first manufacturer to voluntarily replace EG with Propylene Glycol, a non-toxic alternative.
  • VOC and RAVOC ratings — We were the first paint company to label its products with Reactivity-Adjusted VOC Content (RAVOC) ratings, which provide a more effective means to measure how much a coating might affect air quality.

How Being “Green” Can Help Your Business

There are many reasons why offering and promoting the use of eco-efficient paints can help your business — from simply helping your eco-conscious clients be kinder to the Earth, to ensuring that their living spaces contain fewer harmful chemicals.

Paint and coatings are, by nature, environmentally useful, as they beautify, protect and preserve the surfaces of the environments in which we spend most of our lives. Therefore, to further that idea, using paints that exclude harmful ingredients makes sense for you and your clients.

How can you leverage that idea to generate new and repeat business? There are number of ways to promote the use of green products, including child health and safety, environmental concerns, and eliminating some causes of illness such as asthma. Here are some tips for how to approach your clients:

  • Inform your customers about VOCs — Once they know more about these paint chemicals, they’ll be more likely to go the low/zero VOC route. In addition, they will count on you as a true paint expert. That means more business!
  • Ask if they have allergy issues or asthma — Inform them how VOCs might affect their breathing and let them know that even if they can’t smell VOCs, they are still present.
  • Promote “green” baby rooms — If you’re on social media, post photos of nurseries you’ve painted on Facebook mom’s groups and Instagram. Beyond showing off your work, putting the focus on children’s comfort and well-being can be a big motivator for soon-to-be parents.
  • Walk the walk — When your clients see that you are also concerned about the environment, they are more likely to want to work with you. Therefore, consider initiating green “best practices” in your business … and then promote your eco-friendliness! From recycling or donating leftover paint; to using extra paint on another project; to, perhaps, replacing older vehicles with more fuel-efficient models, there are numerous ways to show that your “greenness” isn’t just a fad, but an integral part of your company’s philosophy.

So, as we celebrate the “green” month of April, now is the perfect moment to embrace the movement and help preserve our Earth — not to mention, grow your business. Happy painting!