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New and Improved

SPARTASHIELD Gloss and Semi-Gloss are now tougher than ever. Thanks to a resin technology update, you can expect a harder film with longer gloss retention, improved block resistance and better early water resistance.

When it comes to exterior trim, wooden gates, garage doors, kitchen cabinets and interior molding, you can expect even better performance from this heavy-duty, ultra-low VOC paint.

As pioneers in paint innovation, we pride ourselves in continually upgrading paint formulations for better and better performance. Some of the key benefits of the new and improved SPARTASHIELD gloss and semi-gloss varieties include:

  • Improved Gloss Retention
    Your projects will shine longer and glossier than ever before.
  • Block and Print Resistance
    Doors and windows don't stand a chance of sticking now.
  • Early Water Resistance
    Morning dew and misty fog are less of a threat to freshly painted projects.
  • Surfactant Leaching Resistance
    Now, packed with even more resistance to the splotchy effects of cool, humid weather.
  • Harder Film
    Stronger and tougher, the new Spartashield stands up to even more abuse.
  • Specifically Formulated for Southwest
    Like all Dunn-Edwards paints, SPARTASHIELD was engineered to withstand the weather and lighting conditions specific to the Southwest. So you can rest assured you’ve selected the best paint on earth for the job.