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The Value of a Professional Spec and Job Walk

Every Community and Property Manager knows saving time is invaluable. The amount of effort involved in each property’s maintenance can often feel overwhelming and the to-do list never ending. Most Managers are looking for a solution; a way to get their time back, and Dunn-Edwards has the answer.

As a complimentary service, Dunn-Edwards offers a Property Services Representative (PSR) to assist you in many aspects of your job’s scope. They are there for you, from the customized and comprehensive Page Paint Specification document, to the in person Job Walk assistance for you and your potential bidding contractors.

Preparation and Comprehensive Estimates

Rather than taking on a simple Request for Proposal (RFP), a Dunn-Edwards PSR will customize an in-depth Paint Manufacturer Specification with a scope of work detailing preparation needed for the specific substrates such as stucco siding, wrought iron fencing, aluminum flashing, wood trim, etc. before the appropriate primers and finish coats are applied. This document specifies the specific primers for all wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, and the concrete and/or stucco surfaces. It also indicates the best glosses and top coats for the substrates to meet the longevity indicated by the reserve studies. One of the most important things the Paint Manufacturer Specification indicates is a scope of work so painters bid on the same material and labor to ensure "apples-to-apples" bids. Dunn-Edwards invests in reserve studies to not only help achieve the colors your job requires, but also find the grade of paint that will meet your property’s longevity.

Your complimentary Paint Manufacturer Specification aims to please, offering four very important objectives:

  1. Confidence that reserve studies and/or budgetary needs are being followed by providing the correct paint products that will meet or exceed the longevity required.
  2. Assurance for management or board members that the property receives three or more legally required bids.
  3. Recommending qualified painting contractors.
  4. Color change and placement with renderings, color boards, paint samples and drawdowns to provide a visual reference before the painting begins.

Qualified Quotes and Management Assistance

The complimentary services from Dunn-Edwards are not limited to scopes and specifications. Our A+ recommendations extend to the actual job site where a Property Services Representative conducts job walks for managers, HOA BOD and preferred contractors. During a job walk, all bidding contractors meet you at the property to review the specification, walk the property, identify problematic substrates and address issues that could increase the bid. This is an excellent opportunity for the PSR to provide pertinent information before the contractors bid the job.

Due to the differences in each property, not all jobs walks are conducted in the same manner, but there are certain specifications that every PSR presents at each meeting:

  1. Provides Paint Manufactures Specifications to all attendees and reviews the prep, surfaces, and products for the property.
  2. Communicates to the attendees if the property needs a full repaint or partial repaint as well as how many units within the association are up for contract.
  3. Instructs where to send the bid and the due dates.
  4. Allows manager or person conducting job walk to see and understand other concerns with the property (sprinkler heads, watering practices, safety issues, damaged substrates to be repaired first, etc.)
  5. Reviews staging areas, landscape and restroom facilities for paint crew and job scheduling.
  6. Allows management to address any concerns or questions to the Dunn-Edwards Property Services Representative and the bidding contractors.
  7. Available for all bidding parties’ questions to provide clarifications as well as changes that need to be made to Specification documents.

The experts at Dunn-Edwards are happy to assist you with all your project needs and will support you with excellent customer service and quality product to ensure your property’s maximum investment value.

References: Allison Dinielli, Manager, Property Services and Michelle Urbina, Property Services Representative