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Acriwall concertrate 10 5g

Paint that works as hard as you do

ACRI-WALL® is a line of professional, Zero VOC, low odor interior paints ideal for use on new home and commercial construction and residential multi-tenant housing projects.They provide good touch-up, sheen, uniformity, and hide.

  • Zero VOC, low odor
  • Very good touch-up
  • Very good block resistance
  • Self priming on new drywall (first coat)
Applications Small acriwall concertrate 10 5g
Flat Concentrate
Small acwl10 0 5gal
Flat Ready to Use Ready-To-Use
Small acriwall 30 5g
Small acriwall 50 5g
Dining Room
Doors & Windows
Family Room
Kitchen & Bath
Living Room

These are commonly used gloss levels for surfaces listed above. Gloss may be affected by texture, porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Please contact a Dunn-Edwards representative or your local store for specific product availability.

See the ACRI-WALL® difference for yourself
Touch-Up Test

When flat paints touch-up, it makes it easier to hide minor repairs, which saves time on the job.

Test Method:
Paint is applied to a 2 x 2 ft. unprimed drywall panel using an airless sprayer. The right side of the panel is left as is while the left side is back rolled. It is allowed to dry overnight. Touch-up is done on both sides of the panel with a 1½” brush and a ¼” nap roller. The brush touch-up is done vertically and horizontally, making an L-shape. Rolled touch-up is done vertically, making a square. Touch-up panels are evaluated visually.

Acriwall block
Block Resistance Test

When two painted surfaces come into contact, such as a door and door jamb, they can stick together, or block. When that happens, the paint can peel from the surface. ACRI-WALL® clearly beats the Regional and National Brands, as their paint is sticking together and peeling from the surface.

Test Method:
Block Resistance Test Method: Paints are applied to white charts and allowed to dry for 24 hours. The charts are then folded over each other. A weight is then placed on them to force the painted surfaces together. After 24 hours, the face-to-face charts are pulled apart to see if the dried paint stuck together.

Acriwall touchup

It is always recommended that ACRI-WALL® be used over properly prepared and primed surfaces. Below are our best primers for use on each type of surface.

Surface Recommended Primer
Textured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Untextured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Skim-Coated VINYLASTIC® Premium
Surface Recommended Primer
Plaster, Tilt-Up Concrete, Poured-In-Place, Brick EFF-STOP® Premium
EFF-STOP® Select
Concrete Block Medium Smooth BLOCFIL Premium
Smooth BLOCFIL Select
Smooth Trowel ENDURASEAL® Exterior Masonry Sealer
Wood/Synthetic Wood
Surface Recommended Primer
Trims, Doors INTER-KOTE® Premium
BLOCK-IT® Premium
Masonite INTER-KOTE® Premium
BLOCK-IT® Premium
Hardboard INTER-KOTE® Premium
BLOCK-IT® Premium
Surface Recommended Primer
Ferrous ULTRA-GRIP® Premium
BLOC-RUST® Premium (Water Based)
Non-Ferrous ULTRA-GRIP® Premium

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