DECOPRIME™ Interior Cabinet, Door And Trim Primer Can


Interior/Exterior Masonry Bonding Primer

A large brick building with grass in front of a house

SUPER-LOC® Masonry/Bonding Primer offers excellent adhesion on a vast array of difficult-to-paint surfaces, in addition to alkali and efflorescence resistance on interior and exterior masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited for use on projects such as schools, hotels, hospitals and single or multi-tenant housing.

Excellent adhesion on difficult-to-paint surfaces

Very low odor, fast drying and easy to clean up with water

Available in one-gallon and five-gallon sizes.

Case Studies
A large brick building


The science of excellent adhesion, alkali & efflorescence resistance

These diagrams are not designed to scale and are simplified to illustrate what is happening on a microscopic level.

Adhesion test

In comparison tests, we applied SUPER-LOC® Premium Masonry/Bonding primer and leading water-based bonding primers on chalky wood panels. We then conducted wet and dry adhesion testing to the exposed panels. Primers that exhibit good wet and dry adhesion are better able to protect the surface, even when the primer is subjected to moisture.

The result: SUPER-LOC® Premium had better wet and dry adhesion than any of the competing brands

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