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Looking Forward to 2019: Charms of Country Life

06/01/18 Grace Lennon

Classic country characteristics work beautifully in contemporary settings and are used by some of the finest interior designers to create eclectic spaces. This notion is explored in our next color and design trend, "Charms of Country Life."

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2018 Residential Design Trends

12/01/17 Grace Lennon

What to know what’s trending in 2018 home design? Look no further! From screening, to vernacular, to floating, to symbolic, this year’s report covers what is going to be hot in residential architecture.

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2017 Trends in Action: Healthcare Architecture

03/31/17 Grace Lennon

Healthcare is a large part of our daily lives, and designers continue to provide unique, inspirational spaces to promote healing.

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2017 Design Trends — Restaurant Architecture

12/01/16 Grace Lennon

​When it comes to restaurants, design can influence the dining experience as much as what is on your plate.

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2017 Design Trends: Commercial Architecture

09/30/16 Grace Lennon

Considering how much of our lives are spent in the workplace, it only makes sense that these spaces invite the opportunity for beautiful form, as well as function.

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2017 Residential Trends

09/02/16 Grace Lennon

The 2017 Residential Architecture Design Trends report is out!

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2016 Trends in Action: Healthcare Architecture

05/02/16 Grace Lennon

​Embracing patterns, minimalism and sculptural elements, the 2016 healthcare design trends are here!

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2016 Hospitality Design Trends

02/29/16 Grace Lennon

​When it comes to travel, people are looking for the exotic, but with all the comforts of home, as well as style, inspiration and togetherness — and this year’s hospitality design trends reflect just that.

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2016 Trends in Action: Restaurant Design and Architecture

01/31/16 Grace Lennon

In our continuing series of trends reporting, we bring you the latest in innovative and mouth-watering restaurant design and architecture.

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2016 Trends in Action: Commercial Architecture and Design

08/28/15 Grace Lennon

​We are excited to bring you the next in our series on 2016 Trends in Action reports.