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Vibrancy Lab Studio: A Candy-Colored, Picture-Perfect Photo Studio

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“Pow!” “Wow!” “Obsessed!” These are just a few ways clients and followers of Dani Nagel, creator and owner of Dazey LA and Dazey Den, use to describe her design projects. With a love of bold and fearless design, Nagel treats each new design project as a study in pushing boundaries and injections of pure, unadulterated joy.



Nagel’s recent project for clients Chris Hernandez of CNH Photography and Geo Leon — co-owners of the photo studio Vibrancy Lab — was to design a downtown Los Angeles photo studio, and she treated them to magnificent eye candy.



The goal of the project’s design was a luxe, content-driven photography studio with a space that would push the creative design boundaries with a Victorian-meets-pop art design vibe. Nagel understood their vision of a thought-provoking space and began by creating a digital mock-up filled with eye-popping hues, retro-style furnishings and decor, as well as a hand-painted mural. Comparing the real-life transformation to the closely matched digital rendering, the clients were dazzled by the finished space.




Bold and unapologetic pop art meets Art Deco this space was designed for creating colorful and compelling content. Nagel stated, “This interior is not for the faint of heart. My clients wanted the boldest space possible. When searching for the perfect pieces, I often use placeholders to show the client my design idea first. I wasn’t sure if the chain and frame idea would work in real life but love how it turned out.”

Classic Meets Color
Showing her clever acuity to DIY, Nagel sourced old statues and painted them for the space. Setting a striking
note to the design, she calls it ‘classic meets color.’


Using an uplifting palette of Dunn-Edwards colors, the studio has been a crowd-pleaser. “I’m delighted to hear that my latest clients at Vibrancy Lab are getting booked every day! I just love that my creative work gets to be a backdrop for more creativity in this special photo studio,” she stated. We couldn’t agree more!

Color Palette


To learn more about Dani Nagel’s fashion and interior design work, follow her at Dazey LA and Dazey Den. And to view our recent spotlight on Dazey Desert House, visit us here.

Images courtesy of Dani Nagel