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Poolside Gossip Color Collection: Dunn-Edwards & Grace Home Furnishings Collaboration

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In celebration of a classic moment by the pool, Dunn-Edwards is proud to have collaborated with Grace Home Furnishings on the exclusive Poolside Gossip Color Collection. Inspired by Palm Springs’ iconic 1960s and 1970s home styles, this exclusive palette pairs juicy hues with rugged landscape elementals for a study in swoon-worthy glam.


A desert house in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar J. Kaufmann. Lita Baron (far left) approaches Helen Dzo Dzo(left) and Nelda Linsk, wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk. (Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

During the recent annual and much-loved architecture festival Spring Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA, the collection was launched at an event hosted at Grace Home Furnishings’ Palm Springs store: A Glamorous Evening With Nelda Linsk of “Poolside Gossip.” Linsk, who is now in her 70s and a well-known real estate agent and socialite in Palm Springs, discussed the day surrounding the image, including the other guests at her poolside party, and dished on fun events that occurred around Palm Springs during that era.




The image known globally as an iconic moment of a bygone era depicts two women by the pool, sitting in lounge chairs—Nelda Linsk and Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur—while a third woman walks by the pool with a drink in hand. In the background, we see the Kaufmann house, the San Jacinto mountains and idyllic Palm Springs landscape.

‘Poolside Gossip’ was photographed by society photographer Slim Aarons at the Richard Neutra-designed Kaufmann House in February of 1970 and has become a key symbol of modernism. The image hangs on
many walls melding with other iconic pieces of the mid-century era, such as Barcelona chairs and Parsons desks.




Images above as inspiration for Poolside gossip color collection. Photo Credit: Grace Home Furnishings

The Story Behind the Image
In February of 1970, Aarons called Linsk, requesting her to participate in a poolside photo shoot, and asked her to invite some friends. The shoot was very informal and only took a couple of hours, as the partygoers sipped Champagne and socialized. There were no formal makeup or hair stylists, and the guests were requested to pull their wardrobe from their respective closets. Linsk, who loved yellow and had it throughout her home, chose the yellow terry cloth outfit with the palazzo pants, while Kaptur wore a white-lace ensemble.

Little did they know this photograph would become famous as a symbol of modernism! Aarons once called Linsk from a book signing in New York and asked her why she thought the photo was so famous; she
cheekily said, “Slim, it’s because I’m in it!”

The Kaufmann House
So how did the Linsks come to own the home? Nelda’s husband, Joseph, had been traveling to Palm Springs for years to play golf, and after they were married, they decided to move there and look for a home. The first time they were there together, they stayed at the Racquet Club, and the second visit, they stayed at Claudette Colbert’s home. Then their real estate agent told them about the Neutra-designed house. When they got to the gate and saw all the stone, Nelda Linsk turned to her husband and said, “This is our house, Joe. This is our house.”

The home holds a special place in Nelda’s heart, and she remembers the design with great fondness. The
aluminum shutters, the stone fireplace, the loggia and pool are among the many architectural features that stand out in her memory.


The Poolside Gossip Color Collection
To commemorate the colors reflected in the image and Palm Springs mid-century design, Dunn-Edwards has collaborated with Grace Home Furnishings to create the Poolside Gossip Color Collection. Featured among the 24 colors in the Poolside Gossip Color Collection is Nelda Yellow (PSGC08), paying homage to Linsk, who led the inspiration for the color collection. Other namesake colors within the collection include Slim Aarons Aqua (PSGC16), Neutra Grey (PSGC20) and Kaufmann Silver (PSGC21) to name a few. These colors can be ordered through your local Dunn-Edwards® store. Be the first in your neighborhood to try them out and become the talk of the town!