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Orange County Refresh: From '90s to Now With EBS Interiors

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“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful,” goes the mantra of Orange County-based EBS Interiors. Making a beautiful place is exactly what EBS Interiors Founder, Bryn Shilling, did when taking on the exciting redesign of a home in the Turtle Rock neighborhood of Irvine, California.

The home was constructed in the 1990s and had not been updated since. As a result it was filled with dated tile, appliances, and floors, brass light fixtures, and worn carpet. With the home’s great spaces though — its extensive array of windows, and exceptional natural light — Shilling saw such potential. “The home has such great bones to work with! We wanted to do something clean, bright and fresh, something so beautiful it would make people's’ jaws drop, and I think we did just that,” recalls Shilling. Both she and the client had the same goal of modernizing the home for today’s world and restoring beauty into the property.

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The first thought was a fresh kitchen — crisp white counter tops and a white backsplash to showcase the home’s natural light. For the neutral kitchen, Shilling went with Fine Grain (DE6213) for the walls. The old, peeling Thermofoil cabinets were replaced with beautiful new shaker cabinets in the warm white tones of Swiss Coffee (DEW341) (these two colors are also carried consistently throughout the house).

To add the perfect contrast and to embellish the beautiful kitchen island, Shilling opted for Dunn-Edwards Jazz Age Blues (DET574). Painting the island in an unexpected color was a way to create an instant conversation starter and stand-out piece in the heart of the home. About the unexpected twist, Shilling says, “it isn’t your typical island color and that’s what I absolutely love about it! It is still a classic color, but it’s not what you see in every other house you walk into.” We love a good wow-moment in the kitchen. To view other great white alternatives in the kitchen check out some of our favorites here.

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Perhaps one of the easiest decisions to make was the wall color of the main rooms in the home. Shilling specifically recalls that, “for the walls, when I first saw this home, I knew instantly Fine Grain was the color that was meant for this home. It is one of my top three fave Dunn-Edwards paint colors — a true chameleon color that blends well with grays and browns, and complements everything in between.”

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With a series of classic design choices and timeless and versatile Dunn-Edwards paint colors, EBS interiors took this ‘90s child and updated it for the new millennium — and beyond.

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All photos courtesy of Brynn Shilling