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Japandi Style Defined

Design Trends

What is Japandi Style?
The juxtaposition of Japanese Zen-minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, Japandi creates a perfect fusion of form and function.


Scandinavian design embraces the notion of “hygge,” which has been a trending design term in the past few years. Hygge embraces comfort and coziness in design, highlighting the home as sanctuary. And, an element of Japan design is wabi-sabi — the idea of embracing beauty in imperfections. Marrying Scandinavian and Japan design together creates a wonderful blend of coziness, comfort and minimalism. It feels at once easy yet sophisticated in tone.


Design Aesthetics

  • Natural materials such as bamboo, unfinished woods, marble, leather, rattan, seashells, feathers, sisal, paper, terracotta, wool
  • Muted colors with hints of pale green to bring in nature


  • Add plants and greenery to provide an indoor/outdoor feeling
  • Large, open spaces that allow natural light to flow through the room
  • Clean lines and simple spaces with no clutter. Using built-ins, baskets and containers to hide any extra items


  • Minimal, curated collection of furnishings that are practical and simple
  • Beautiful craftsmanship with focus on quality and handmade, not cheap throw-away items
  • Neutral paint color palettes with calming and tranquil qualities — such as beige, tan, stone, oatmeal — contrasted sparingly with deep indigo, dark gray and brown. If brighter hues are chosen, it’s done with intention


  • Emphasize sustainability with its ties to nature; a good choice for green-living enthusiasts
  • Japanese design highlights sleek interiors with a Zen-inspired feeling, while Scandinavian interiors are more rustic — creating a perfect balance
  • Japanese aesthetics showcase richer, yet neutral, hues that balance the cooler neutral palettes of Scandinavian design


Japanese and Scandinavian design have been trending for years but when put together — with such beautiful results — expect to see Japandi style to become a trend in the foreseeable future.