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December Color of the Month: Winter Chill

Design Trends

December’s color of the month is Winter Chill (DE5758). Winter time often brings with it a lot of color associations that are moody, or brooding. So with the abundance of gray skies, inclement weather, and darker days, we’re injecting a dose of brightness into the month with the icy blue hue that is Winter Chill.

Winter Chill Chair

How Blue Makes You Feel
Blue is the color that gives off vibes of relaxation and peace. Perhaps that’s why blue walls, particularly in the bathroom, can increase the value of a home, according to a study by real estate site Zillow. Given added holiday stresses this time of year — like planning get-togethers and holiday shopping — the serene environment cultivated by blue seems all the more important. Use Winter Chill to infuse your space with calming vibes this winter.

Where to Use Winter Chill
Although we are sure this color would look magnificent in any space, Winter Chill shines brightest in spaces best suited for calm and relaxation. Try using this interior paint color in bedrooms, near a tub or in an office space to create optimum relaxation. It’s perfect for a space where you want to breathe a little easier and be able to take it easy. Blue is also a color that is the least appetizing, so it might even be in the drawing to show up in a kitchen or two, especially after all the mashed potatoes and pies we all indulged in not too long ago.

Winter Chill Bedroom

How to Best Utilize Winter Chill
This color can be used as a focal color. For example, try painting a whole wall, perhaps the wall your bed rests on, in order to create a focus in the room, as well as a space in which to easily unwind.

These paint colors can also be paired with a more muted palette to create balance. Winter Chill pairs beautifully with accent colors like White (DEW380) and Rustic Taupe (DE6129). Pairing Winter Chill with a more muted color palette allows it to stand out, yet also be restrained.

Winter Chill Living-Room

Dunn-Edwards Winter Chill is made up of the highest-quality paint trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. We are committed to bringing you fresh paint colors for commercial and residential uses. You can easily use our InstaColor® app to see what your walls will look like in Winter Chill. Just upload a picture of your own or choose one from our library, click, and give it an instant paint job!

All photography by STRUKTR Studios