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Color Can Change Your Buying Preferences


The science of color in marketing can have a strong impact on your psyche, and the decisions that you make. Advertisers and marketers are no strangers to this concept, and have long been using color as a way to influence your decisions when you're in the mood to buy something.

Red: This color always speaks to urgency. It can encourage you to have an appetite, and it's usually the color used for clearance sales because it's a high-energy color with the power to grab your attention, and physically stimulate you into feeling like you need to take some kind of action.

Blue: Lots of companies use blue as a way to promote trust in their brand, as it tends to have a calming effect on people, allowing you to relax and providing a sense of space and peace of mind. A lot of insurance companies like to use the color blue for their logos for that reason.

Green: Strongly associated with health, tranquility, and nature. It's obviously used a lot in promoting environmental issues, but can also draw in associations of wealth. The color green can promote harmony between body and mind, leading to decisiveness.

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