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Celebrate Memories: A 2018 Trends Story

Design Trends

Memories take us back in time, revisiting the traditions and classics of the past, re-creating stories for today’s lifestyles. Inspired by a continuation of trends in the luxury market as the U.S. recession ends and incomes improve, creativity expands and luxury artisans take center stage. Introducing trend story 1 from our Color + Design trends report, Memories!


Memories caters to those looking for new experiences, exclusive spots and unique flavors. With a romantic spirit, this design-oriented individual has a love of richly, highly stylized design that is both luxurious and feminine. Uncompromising in taste.


A variety of influences create Memories. A range of simplified to an abundant design aesthetic highlight the best of this story — from 1940s French fashion chic, Art Deco and Art Nouveau design influences, to a
modern twist to Baroque styling, as well as hints of 1920s Asian, British Colonial and African influences.



To add to the drama, an assortment of materials, textures and moods provide layers of refined detail. Fantastical, nature-based surroundings; shimmer and shine; rich woods; jewelry-inspired additions and new waves of Victorian influence with an edge all contribute to an inspiring story.


Color is chic, sophisticated. Romantic and precious. Blue-greens, lacquer red, dark brown wood hues, bronzed caramel, lightened with touches of grayish-pink and gold establish the base palette. Influenced by exotic 1930s nostalgia, Memories uses noble and sophisticated materials to play with light reflections and depth while folklore coloring in mixed, rich, deep hues – adding drama and romance; colorful, decorative, youthful.



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All images by Bethany Nauert Photography