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Casa Joshua Tree: A Bohemian Desert Oasis

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Nestled in the desert area of Joshua Tree, Calif., lies a bohemian retreat known as Casa Joshua Tree. Set up just six miles from the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, Casa Joshua Tree is a three-bedroom, two-bath gem, recently renovated by owner, artist and designer, Lindsay Hollinger. Hollinger lives and works at Casa Joshua Tree, hosting workshops and a yearly creative residency for visual artists and writers. And, when she’s traveling, Casa Joshua Tree can be rented on Airbnb for those who want to enjoy the desert vibes.

CJTD 117

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For the exterior patio renovation, Hollinger used SEAL-KRETE FLOOR-TEX in DE6102 Hayride and EVERSHIELD® in DEW380 Warm White. Check out the exciting results and find out Hollinger’s process!

Casa Joshua Tree has been Hollinger’s home since 2015, but (as many homeowners know!) renovations can stretch out over time. Redesigning the patio was part of “Phase 2” of her plan. “I was so excited to partner with Dunn-Edwards on this project. One of benefits of a long term reno plan is that living in a space makes you consider how you use it, and how best to utilize what you have. I wanted to increase the “hangout space” of my home and have a comfortable spot to stargaze, drink my morning coffee, or entertain friends.”

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Hollinger’s style is a mix of minimalist, modern, and bohemian with an emphasis on natural materials and simplicity. With this is mind, the patio redesign focused on the desert views and landscape, “Everything is about the beauty of the natural environment. I wanted the space to integrate seamlessly with the views, so color choices and materials were all based in that idea. I really, really wanted a porch swing. I had a vision of sitting on a swing drinking coffee every morning, and I had to make it a reality.”

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Working with Dunn-Edwards
When she was ready to finalize the patio, Hollinger looked to Dunn-Edwards for assistance for expert advice on color and product selections. She explained, “A D-E Professional Color Advisor came out to the house to advise me and it was a wonderful experience. James explained the different kinds of paint, things to consider when choosing colors and types of paint, and brought all the color fans. It was so much fun to play with all the colors!

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches

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I knew the patio would get a lot of foot traffic, so I opted for the Floor-Tex because it would stand up to the elements and lots of extreme use. Plus, the sandy texture matched the texture of the natural desert sand. I tried a few different whites and pinks and ultimately, after painting a few swatches on to see what worked best, chose the White DEW380 and the soft peachy-mauve Hayride DE6102."

Outcome and Reactions
The patio is a stunning example of what a little color can add to the final design on the exterior. What does Hollinger think? “I absolutely love it! The reactions have been positive, and I’m thrilled. It looks amazing. The
swing gets the most use. It was a DIY (based on a photo I found on Pinterest) that I customized for my patio. It looks so cool.

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I love how the floor color Hayride looks with the tan desert sand and the crisp white of the house stucco. All the furniture integrates well with the color scheme, the space is very comfortable, and I spend lots of time
outside now. I recently had friends visit from out of town, and it was fun to sit on the outdoor couch at golden hour, enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

To learn more about Lindsay Hollinger and Casa Joshua Tree, visit
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