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California Wildflowers Inspire The Saguaro Facelift

Design Trends

During the past few months, a colorful renewal has taken place in Palm Springs. In partnership with Dunn-Edwards, The Saguaro Hotel set out to repaint its exterior color palette, highlighting the fourteen hues inspired by local desert wildflowers and plants envisioned by the architects.

The Saguaro Hotel

The Saguaro Hotel. Image Credit: Andi Sakowski

New York based architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat originally designed the hotel with the vision of matching the fourteen hues to fourteen local plants and wildflowers native to California’s Colorado desert.
The Saguaro Hotel and its sister hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona became instant Instagram favorites.

The Saguaro Hotel 2

The Saguaro Hotel. Image Credit: Lorina Daiana

“The 14 colors of the Saguaro are an integral part of the hotel’s character,” said Matt Shough, general manager. “These vibrant colors put our guests in a happy and playful mood on their arrival and helps ease everyone into their visit.”

Saguaro Repaint and Dunn-Edwards

The Saguaro Hotel 3

According to Stamberg, “For most of history, color was an important part of the built environment. Chromophobia (the fear of color) is a fairly recent phenomenon. As the built environment became more neutral, the joy that color brings was lost."

The Saguaro Hotel 4

The Saguaro Hotel 5

"When we were commissioned to design the Saguaro, it seemed only natural to use the colors of the desert, the indigenous wildflowers that bloom every year, to bring joy of color back to Palm Springs,” he said.

In helping choose the custom colors that highlight the desert-inspired color palette, we are thrilled to partner on the color selection and bring the Saguaro back to life and a highlight for Palm Springs and color enthusiasts. To learn more, visit

All images used with permission