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Bonjour Fête: Pet Shop Turned Pin-worthy Party Store

Design Trends

An old pet store in Studio City, California gets a total makeover to become the perfect party planning destination.

BonjourFete 1

Color is so important when it comes to brand recognition. That’s exactly why the founder of Bonjour Fête, a store that sells curated party supplies, worked with Dunn-Edwards Paints to find the ideal color
to use at the new location, one which truly represents their brand.

BonjourFete 2

When founder Rachel Huntington was given the opportunity to build her dream store, she wanted to
make each design decision with extreme care. “We wanted to make sure everything reflected us as a
brand,” she says.

The new space was basically a blank canvas. Originally a pet store, it had empty walls and brown
concrete floors. Huntington says she knew going into the project that there would be a lot to do. From
design to construction, the whole process took about nine months.

BonjourFete 3

Colors are a key part of the store’s aesthetic, which is part whimsy with a splash of mid-century modern, says Huntington. This playfulness is also evident in the store’s name, itself. Bonjour Fête means “Hello Party,” in French.

Bonjour Fête’s colors are blush, navy, white and light blue. Dunn-Edwards had the perfect tones of navy, white and light blue in its existing color library. Cool December (DEW383) is on the walls, Midnight Sun (DET580) on the counters, and Country Air (DET581) gives the bookcases their soft blue.

BonjourFete 4BonjourFete 5

For blush, Huntington explains, she wanted something unique. She worked with Dunn-Edwards to mix a
custom hue, called Bonjour Blush. The custom paint color is on Bonjour Fête’s new front door. Since it’s the first thing customers see on their way in, covering the door in Bonjour Blush introduces them to the store’s brand and sets the tone for their stay.

BonjourFete 6

Huntington says she enjoyed the process of working with Dunn-Edwards to find the right shade for her
project. “No matter how many swatches of pink we asked for to make sure we got that Bonjour Blush absolutely perfect, the employees always helped us with a smile,” she says.

BonjourFete 7

BonjourFete 8

When asked why she chose Dunn-Edwards, Huntington says she prefers to use Dunn-Edwards’ paints
because the quality and the color options just can't be beat. Suprema® and Aristoshield® products
were used in the Studio City store.

To learn more about Bonjour Fête, visit Huntington can also be found on Instagram at