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April Color of The Month: Hint of Spring (DE5512)

Design Trends

What Perfect Palette® color best represents the beginning of spring to be this April’s Color of the Month? As we look to spring, blooms and breezes lay just around the corner, the air begins to feel fresh and warm bursts of sunlight welcome in this budding new season. A variety of colors come to life during spring, while some of them might be bold purples and dark pinks, nothing speaks to the freshness of the spring season like pastels. Their soft watercolor-like hues contrast against vibrant green leaves and complement gentle spring sunshine, which is why we’ve named Hint of Spring (DE5512) April’s Color of the Month.


Inspiration Behind Hint of Spring
Hint of Spring (DE5512) is a buttery soft green-yellow, like the tight buds of unwound lilies and petals of Sweet Fennel and Walker’s Suncup all flowers that grow in the American west. The pastel shade represents the newness of the year and the importance of novelty to spice up life. Hint of Spring plays a role in our larger focus on pastels in the trends we’ve highlighted in our Fresh and Free color + trend story. This year, the colors we’ve focused on represent playfulness and the balance of grounding presence while seeking new adventures and opportunities. Pastels represent this dichotomy wonderfully, which is one reason our color of the year and color for March is the pastel shade Minty Fresh.


Designing with Hint of Spring

  • Hint of Spring yellow pairs exceptionally well with Leaf Bud (DE5514), a yellow-green, and Whisper (DEW340), one of our most popular and versatile shades of white.
  • Try hint of spring in your new home workspace. As a greater number of Americans find themselves working from home, lighter hues and tones of yellow are ideal for keeping both calm and productive.
  • For a play on bold high-contrast color schemes trending this year, go with Hint of Spring on the walls and Deepest Sea (DE5825), a muted dark blue, on window and door trims.
  • For a sophisticated look, keep furniture and accent colors mid-tone — not too dark nor too light — and play with muted shades like Portobello Mushroom (DET622) on cushions or couches.
  • Go for a trifecta of pastels in your décor palette with Hint of Spring on the walls, Glacier Point (DE5785) on textiles and paint the coffee table or side table in Blue Cue (DE5892).


Getting started with April’s Color of the Month
If you’d like to see what Hint of Spring will look before committing to the color, use the Dunn-Edwards InstaColor® app to try the color on for size. Just upload a photo from your library or one from ours and instantly see what Hint of Spring looks like on your wall(s).