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specs+spaces staff

Off The Wall Graffiti: A Year of Transforming COVID into Color and Conversations

01/10/22 specs+spaces staff

We’re diving into OTW’s most recent work with two additional schools, Zane Grey High School and John R. Wooden High School, to see how the small act of painting can leave an impactful mark.

January Color of the Month: Art and Craft

01/04/22 specs+spaces staff

Inspired by the influence of design trends like cottagecore, January’s Color of the Month, which also doubles as 2022’s Color of the Year, is the earthy and sophisticated Art and Craft (DET682).

Destination Inspiration: The Colors of Spain

12/30/21 specs+spaces staff

Welcome back to our Destination Inspiration series where we take a visual dive into the color palettes of locales near and far, from Iceland to France, and even South Africa.

5 Holiday-Inspired Greens For The Kitchen

12/16/21 specs+spaces staff

The color of your kitchen cabinets is a relatively easy element of the home to change, and one that makes a tangible impact. From saturated hues to new neutrals, here are some holiday-inspired green paint colors for your kitchen.

NorCal Homeowner Finds TV Fame With Rustic “First-Time Fixer”

12/15/21 specs+spaces staff

Gustafson has overhauled an 1,100-square-foot 1950s country home into a modern farmstead filled with airy, neutral tones and rustic elements; a space whose aesthetic fits somewhere between Amber Lewis and Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Mastering the Look: California Desert Chic

12/06/21 specs+spaces staff

Inspired by the uncluttered beauty of open spaces and a connection with nature, desert chic is as much a way of living as it is a design scheme. This is why—while there are some common themes in desert chic, like use of high-quality materials, simplicity and color palettes of roses and browns—there are different interpretations of desert chic as well.

Lekker House Pines: A Modern Celebration of ’70s Alpine Culture

12/06/21 specs+spaces staff

Set an hour and a half outside Los Angeles in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead, California is Lekker House Pines, a prow chalet style home that offers a fresh take on a bold 1970s-inspired color palette.

December Color of The Month: Razzle Dazzle (DE5027)

12/01/21 specs+spaces staff

Last year was understated to say the least, and that’s why we’re going bold by choosing Razzle Dazzle (DE5027).

The Importance of Lighting in Design

11/10/21 specs+spaces staff

One of the best and most exciting places to start in crafting the look and feel of a space is choosing a paint color. However, it’s crucial to also think about light sources when designing a space. Color can actually look dramatically different from room to room given the interplay of a light source on that color.

November Color of the Month: Blazing Autumn (DE5235)

11/03/21 specs+spaces staff

The orange color family abounds at this time of year and we’re highlighting the midtone apricot hue Blazing Autumn (DE5235) this November for another reason as well—because it’s warm and honeyed shade reminds us of the sunshine that keeps the Southwestern landscape warm right up until winter.