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Dave Heiligenthal

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What's in a Color Match?

09/07/13 Dave Heiligenthal

Not all color matches are created equal. This is because color can be rather unpredictable when you take into account the various factors that can affect its appearance.

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The Ins and Outs of Paint Deterioration

07/06/13 Dave Heiligenthal

The main cause of paint film deterioration is the degradation of several components, including the binder and certain pigments. This is caused by the formation of free radicals, or molecules, that generate in the paint film from prolonged

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What's In Your Paint?

06/01/13 Dave Heiligenthal

In our summer 2013 educational series on paint and color technology, we begin with a review of one of the basics – what's in paint.

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The Truth About Priming

11/02/12 Dave Heiligenthal

"To prime, or not to prime." This seems to be a question on the minds of many people. It is a question that can be somewhat confusing. There are a growing number of paint...