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This is a collection of Perfect Palette®’s most popular colors from every color family for interiors. Use them for inspiration as you choose the perfect color to express your vision.


Things to consider when painting interiors

  • Light colors make a room seem larger, while dark colors are better for accenting recessed areas and highlighting details.
  • Use items in a room to give hints when choosing color. Pick a piece of furniture, art or a pillow for inspiration. Select the dominant color and see what other colors work well with it.
  • Connecting rooms should share color elements. For example, use the same color on molding in adjoining rooms to unify an open space.
  • Use light and dark colors to create interest. Attractive architectural features, such as molding and columns, can be emphasized by painting them a darker or lighter color.
  • Consider the type of flooring in your home. The color of the carpet or hardwood flooring plays an important role in the feel of a room and can affect how a color appears.
  • Because white naturally reflects light, it is a popular choice for ceilings. To add a feeling of intimacy and give your room a more refined look, try painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls.

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