Dunn-Edwards InstaColor iD Set-up Video

Increase color confidence with Dunn-Edwards InstaColor iD color-matching device. This ultra-portable color-matching device provides industry-leading color-matching performance. InstaColor iD is not just a device but a platform to measure, match, collect and share Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette colors straight from your smartphone. 

Product Details

Shorten color-selection process

Deliver accurate color-matching and coordinating features that allow your customer to simply save, share or order Dunn-Edwards faster than ever.

Provides the functionality you need

  • Output color values your technical customers want — CIELAB, RGB, CMYK, HEX, delta*e
  • Assure the job was done right with QC Pass/Fail functionality with reported delta*e value
  • Put Dunn-Edwards into the palm of your customer’s hands with iOS and Android compatibility
  • Click here to learn more about the product

Set-up Instructions

  • Install the ColorReader mobile application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Plug in your device to charge, then wake the unit by pressing the on/off button at the top.
  • Launch mobile application. Do not manually pair ColorReader through your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, as the application will do this. Register. You must register the product to use it.
  • Click here to view user guide. Please visit https://goto.datacolor.com/getcolorreader for more installation information.

Tech Support

Use this option to be sent directly to our Datacolor ColorReader online support site where you can submit a ticket or call our representatives for any issues you may be experiencing.
Tech Support

  1. Tap Device, then Support.
  2. Click Contact Customer Support to open the support site in an Internet browser window.

Please contact the Datacolor service department by telephone or email for questions or problems.