A large brick building with a clock on the side of the road



Solid-Color Stain

Exterior Deck, Fence & Siding Stain

Get beautiful results designed to last longer than traditional deck stains with this solid-color stain that resists UV and water damage.

Solid-Color Collection 50 colors

Plum Pudding Mahogany | DESS01

Giant Sequoia Grove | DESS02

Redwood Forest Cathedral | DESS03

I Cut the Cherry Tree | DESS04

Fireside Chat | DESS05

Sedona Sandstone | DESS06

Redwood | DESS07

Secret Tree House | DESS08

Chocolate Brown | DESS09

Oak Brown | DESS10

Chestnut Brown | DESS11

Jacobean Renaissance | DESS12

Golden Oak | DESS13

Red Cedar | DESS14

Handcrafted | DESS15

Into the Wild | DESS16

Smoked Oak | DESS17

New Cedar | DESS18

Cabin in Candlelight | DESS19

Sweet Honey Maple | DESS20

Olivewood Branch | DESS21

Raw Balsa Wood | DESS22

Hiking Trails | DESS23

Scrublands Habitat | DESS24

Prairie Grassland | DESS25

Rural Woodlands | DESS26

Smoky Brushland | DESS27

Sage Smudge Stick | DESS28

Walk in the Park | DESS29

Secret Garden | DESS30

Seared Ash | DESS31

Naval Shipyard | DESS32

Storms Ahead | DESS33

Faded Blue Clapboard | DESS34

Fossilized Wood | DESS35

Cold and Rainy | DESS36

Bracing Winds | DESS37

Mushroom Caps | DESS38

Preserved Pewter | DESS39

Winter's Edge | DESS40

Vintage Oak | DESS41

Sunbleached Pine | DESS42

Early American Classic | DESS43

Steep Escarpment | DESS44

Silver Mining | DESS45

Collecting Driftwood | DESS46

Winter Branches | DESS47

Franciscan Walnut | DESS48

Cordovan Brown | DESS49

Carbonized Wood | DESS50