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“Right now, we have two big projects going and we’re using Dunn-Edwards on both of those,” he said. “Sometimes, even if they’re not spec’d on the project, for certain situations like metal surfaces, we’ll ask to use their product instead. The quality is just that good.” The coatings manufacturer helped assure the success of a complicated project C&A recently completed in downtown Oakland—Market Square Condominiums.

The project wasn’t short on challenges. Schaper’s 8-man crew was tasked with painting the 5-story stucco building, which takes up an entire city block, as well as all its metal railings and trim. The team had to work in tight spaces and operate a boom lift in heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well. Just getting in a day’s work could be challenge enough and required preparation and planning ahead. Paint deliveries required clear communication and needed to be on time and exactly as specified.

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"Quality, consistency and service are keys to working with any coatings manufacturer, and C&A Painting has found all those elements in Dunn-Edwards."

Schaper’s Representative was also a key to the project’s success. The job required color-matching 13 colors from a diverse palette, including several dark colors, to Dunn-Edwards colors. “The darker the color, the harder it can be to match,” Schaper noted. “Dunn-Edwards went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. They also created larger brush-outs [samples] and delivered them to us quickly so we could meet with our customer. … There were misunderstandings on the customer side and the color-matching process had to actually be done twice. But our rep never complained and worked to move the project forward.”

Once Market Square was completed, the customer appreciated even more than the top-notch service from the Dunn-Edwards team. “We used SPARTASHIELD paint in flat or semi-gloss and in 13 different colors on this project, and our customer told us how much they really liked the Dunn-Edwards product and how great it looked. It’s the highest-quality paint out there and it just makes us all look good.”

“It’s the highest-quality paint out there and it just makes us all look good.”


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