Halloween 2014 Color+Design Trends

Ghosts, zombies and witches, oh my! Halloween is, once again, upon us. This year’s Halloween trends get inspiration from a range of themes — from pop culture to times past, providing ample design creativity for kids and adults, alike. Happy Halloween!


2015 Trends in Action: Design for an Aging Population

This month’s Trends in Action report takes a closer look at design with an aging population in mind. Embracing themes of community, multiple generation and color, the design trends for aging populations continue to evolve. Learn more!


Victorian Architecture — Past and Present

Highlighted by dramatic cupolas, looming towers and fancy turrets, Victorian-style homes can be found throughout California. With this iconic style, designers broke away from early American architecture and applied decoration liberally, combining a wide range of features plucked from many different eras. Learn more!


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The Painted Ladies of San Francisco
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Sara McLean Hi Maryam - this is Sara from Dunn-Edwards. All our trends reports can be found on the specs+spaces home page, bottom right corner. It contains our free downloadable PDF reports on over-arching color and design trends as well as color application trends showing how the over-arching trends are being used in design and architecture. Happy painting! READ MORE
Sara McLean Hi Debbie - this is Sara from Dunn-Edwards. Here are some great light silver/gray options to test for your bath - DE6227 Muslin, DE6275 Silver Creek, DE6289 Silver Fox, DE6373 Porpoise, DEC773 Shady. Happy painting! READ MORE
Sara McLean Hi Denise - this is Sara from Dunn-Edwards. Between Whisper and Swiss Coffee, Whisper does have slightly more yellow undertones and is brighter than Swiss Coffee. So if you're wanting a white with little to no yellow or pink undertones, I would go with Swiss Coffee. Here are other whites with no yellow or pink undertones if you want to test more options - DEW379 Igloo, DEW383 Cool December, DEW358 Milk Glass, DE6218 Antique Paper, DE6225 Fossil, DE6239 Latte Froth. Happy painting! READ MORE