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Open New Doors with Real Estate Agents

It’s no secret that contractors are constantly on the hunt for new projects but one great source of project leads is often overlooked — namely, local real estate agents! If you’ve never considered them before, now is the time to tap this wellspring of leads. Why? Well, whether working for buyers or sellers, real estate agents are always in need of reliable contractors to help them get properties ready for sale.

If you’re not convinced, a simple Google search will bring up countless articles offering tips about selling a home — and nearly all of them address the importance of “curb appeal.” And the most common tip? “Consider a fresh coat of paint.” On the flip side, many surveys report that new homebuyers paint within six months of purchasing a residence. A real estate agent can connect you to a seller who is preparing a property for sale. Then, after the property is sold, you can market the buyer to help them paint their new home. Twice the business!

Where Do You Meet Real Estate Agents?

Finding real estate agents in your market is not a difficult task — but make sure you don’t settle for just any agent. It’s vital to connect with an agent with whom you are compatible and who will work with you.

Networking at real estate business meetings is an effective way to find qualified agents. If you don’t already, start attending your local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) meetings. If you don’t know where these are being held, research the locations via Googling or other online sites, such as Facebook and

Also, anytime you see a “For Sale” sign in front of a home in your neighborhood, pay attention to the name of the agent. This is a good indicator of which agents have the big names in town. When you see the same agent’s name popping up again and again, you know you’ve probably found a good one who can network and communicate well.

Last, you can simply visit an agent’s office, introduce yourself and leave behind your information. If you have an assistant who can do this for you, even better.

Working with High-quality Agents

There are a few best practices to consider when networking with real estate agents but the most important is to focus on being both professional and dependable.

All businesses require effective marketing to succeed so take the time to create a professional-looking information packet that opens with an introductory letter about your company, explaining your business goals and objectives. Outline your products and services and describe — in detail — how they will benefit them. Also, put together a 30-second elevator pitch that you can rely on when talking to agents.

Just like you wouldn’t leave for a job without the right equipment, ensure you have the right tools to estimate, bid and communicate relevant and timely information about your company’s products and services. Among the items to have ready are business cards, proposal/bid forms, website and references.

When speaking with an agent, never mention anything about kickbacks! Regulations may vary but the best practice is to avoid and assume it is illegal. Remember, realtors want to work with contractors who offer great service at a fair price. With that in mind, if you offer a discount to the clients of realtors, that might be a reason to use you, rather than a competitor. Perhaps create a flyer that lists your services and includes a coupon.

Stay in touch! Reach out to your target list of real estate agents with a phone call, text message or email periodically to see how they’re doing and remind them you’re ready if they need assistance.

At the end of the day, it’s vital to stay patient when looking for a real estate agent who provides a steady pipeline of projects! There will come a time when an agent you’re targeting gets into a bind (for example, their primary contractor is not available) and they need help. When this happens, a door opens to a truly powerful relationship — and you have a chance to show them what you’ve got and save the day!