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Old Masters Now Available at Dunn-Edwards

Pacoa Truck Product At Dunn-Edwards, we are always searching for new products that will help our contractors provide clients with the best services possible. That's why we're excited to announce that we now carry Old Masters high-quality wood stains and finishes.

Old Masters offers a wide variety of products across multiple stain categories — Penetrating, Wiping and Gel — which allow you to add rich color and depth of a range of surfaces, change existing surface colors or color-match woods to non-porous surfaces such as fiberglass.

The type of stain you use depends on the type of project. Here are some guidelines:

  • Penetrating Stain is recommended for unfinished, interior wood surfaces or surfaces that have had the finish removed. This stain is particularly suited for staining unfinished hardwoods such as oak, ash, walnut and mahogany.
  • Wiping Stain can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including unfinished wood, previously finished surfaces, fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces. It is especially recommended for woods such as pine, birch, maple, poplar and cherry.
  • Gel Stain is formulated for use on non-porous surfaces, such as fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces, yet it is suitable for wood, as well. Gel Stain is highly recommended for woods such as pine, birch, maple, poplar and cherry, and provides excellent application on vertical surfaces.
  • Water-Based Wood Stain is designed for use on bare wood, interior wood surfaces or any surfaces that have had a previous finish removed. This stain is fast-drying and cleans up easily with soap and water.

When it comes to color selection, Old Masters offers a distinct array of 21 choices — from pecan to dark walnut. And the company's ability to create custom colors means customers can match, for example, a fiber glass door to an oak floor or pine wood moldings to maple cabinets.

Old Masters also offers a stain specifically formulated for paint professionals. Old Masters Professional Fast Dry Wood Stain has all the characteristics contractors value:

Speed — Within minutes of applying the stain, a contractor can apply a second coat of stain or virtually any finish, allowing quicker project completion.

Versatility — This stain is ideal for all interior wood surfaces, such as cabinets, doors, furniture, floors and woodwork.

Flow — Fast Dry's thick consistency means easy application and delivers the warm, rich colors in just one coat. In addition, its formulation permits the color to flow easily onto the surface and penetrate deep into the wood's natural grain, saving time and simplifying the finish process.

Of course, performance is paramount. Old Masters only uses the finest ingredients and spends years perfecting all of its formulas to ensure customers enjoy the highest-quality products. In addition, Old Masters offers a complete line of interior and exterior clear finishes and it is committed to VOC compliancy, with a range of products that meet most states regulations. This means that the company's products consistently outperform the competition and provide high durability and long-lasting beauty, while protecting our Earth and our environment.

For more information, visit or visit your local Dunn-Edwards location.