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Make the Most of ARISTOSHIELD with the Right Brush

Dunn-Edwards recently introduced ARISTOSHIELD™, a new line of ultra-premium, water-based urethane-alkyd paints. These new interior/exterior paints provide a beautiful, high-quality, oil-like coating in a water-based paint, making them ideal for use on high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects, Designed to deliver superior performance and durability, these easy-to-apply paints also produce a smooth and uniform finish in any sheen, giving painting contractors and homeowners a clear choice for the best paint available. Of course, if you’re using top-of-the-line paint, it only makes sense to choose the best brush to make sure the job is done right — and that you, and your clients, are happy with the end result.

Corona Excalibur Angular brushes (COR-02560-2, COR-02560-25, COR-02560-3) partner perfectly with ARISTOSHIELD creating a perfect, even finish. Made of 100 percent DuPont Chinex filaments, Corona Excalibur Angular brushes are highly recommended not only for use with ARISTOSHIELD paints — but with all heavier-bodied waterbornes, acrylics and alkyd-modified latex coatings and primers. These unique brushes are designed with a stiff formulation, which is excellent for applying today’s high-tech coatings. Making your job even easier, Corona Excalibur Angular brushes provides superior paint release and clean-up.


So why are we specifically recommending the Corona Excalibur Angular for use with our new ARISTOSHIELD line? It’s simple. This brush provides superior transfer, resulting in reduced brush marks (cissing). The image below is an example of what can happen when a brush poorly transfers paint. This effect is common with alkyd-emulsion type paints, especially in higher gloss levels. Also, as mentioned earlier, this brush cleans up much easier, especially upon repeated use, with warm, soapy water.


In addition, all Corona professional brushes are handmade in the United States with the most durable natural and synthetic materials available, as well as full-stock formulation, to carry more paint and provide full, professional coverage. Corona paint brushes are deep-set in, reinforced with epoxy for excellent hold and durability — and all brushes are constructed to enable fast application, superior coverage, a smooth finish and a razor-sharp cut.

All of this adds up to superior work in less time, which results in satisfied clients and higher profits for the paint. This is why Dunn-Edwards has been proud to carry Corona Brushes since 2013. So, when you recommend ARISTOSHIELD to your clients, make the most of this premium paint and use Corona Excalibur brushes to ensure a beautiful, durable result!