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Got a Tough Paint Problem? Call Dunn-Edwards Tech Team!

One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Dunn-Edwards is the depth of knowledge of our store and sales team members provide. Our customers rely on our industry-leading customer service to guide them through their paint purchase, helping them select just the right product for the job. Sometimes, however, more complex issues arise, and both the painter and sales representative require a resource with higher level of expertise. This is when our Technical Field Service team steps in. With decades of experience, Dunn-Edwards Technical Field Service representatives provide a unique level of expertise, developing customized recommendations and specifications, as well as diagnosing and solving problems.

Solving complex paint issues can look much like a detective investigating a crime scene — witnesses are interviewed, forensic samples are collected and photographs are taken. In tackling these challenges, investigators will run ASTM adhesion tests, check the moisture content of a substrate, and test the pH of a surface — all aimed at discovering what caused the project to fail. As with all good detectives, our Technical Field Service representatives are supported by a staff of skillful scientists back at the Research & Development laboratory that can examine collected "forensic" samples analytically and microscopically.

Need to know which paint layer peeled off with an adhesion failure? Our team can provide a microscopic analysis, along with a photographic record. Or how about the bubbles that have formed on that exterior fascia? Our experts can investigate the problem, pinpoint the cause and then recommend the repair. In short — from the most routine painting project to the most challenging situation — we provide customers the highest level of expertise in the industry to help you get the job done right.

For more information about our Technical Field Service or for additional technical support, please contact your sales representative.