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Devoe® High Performance Coatings Now Available at Dunn-Edwards.

Devoe logo 151 580x300 Dunn-Edwards is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new partnership with Devoe® High Performance Coatings and is now an authorized distributor of this highly respected industrial product line. This partnership reinforces Dunn-Edwards' position as one of the leading suppliers of industrial and high-performance coatings in the Southwest. The addition of the Devoe's industrial product line further illustrates our commitment to providing a wide range of industrial product options and solutions to meet the needs of painting contractors, specifiers and high-performance projects.

The Devoe® brand has a long history of meeting the requirements of light and heavy industrial projects, operating across a diverse range of industrial markets. These markets include oil and gas, power generation, mining and mineral, water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure, and commercial and architectural. Whether your project is offshore, OEM or commercial construction, Dunn-Edwards has the right product solution to meet the demands of any industrial environment or application.

If your project demands a high-performance, heavy industrial coating, we've got you covered. In addition to Devoe® epoxy and urethane products, we carry other trusted brands, including Bar-Rust® and Devran® — both surface-tolerant multipurpose epoxies — as well as Devthane® high-performance urethane coatings. Whether you're protecting structural steel, masonry surfaces, piping, tanks, chemical or power plants, or water or sewage facilities, Dunn-Edwards offers the right technical advice and product solution.

For your light industrial needs, Dunn-Edwards also stocks light-duty, single-component acrylic and alkyd paints, including Devcryl® premium acrylic primer and finishes, Devprime® corrosion-resistant alkyd primers and Devlac® premium alkyd finishes. In addition to these light-duty alkyds and acrylics, Dunn-Edwards offers Tru-Glaze waterborne epoxy coatings. These single-component alkyds, acrylics and two-component waterborne epoxies are perfect complements to the Devoe® high-performance epoxy and urethane product lines.

Devoe® High Performance Coatings will be stocked and tinted in our Industrial Tint Centers (Laguna Hills, Miramar, Mission Hills, Tempe and Las Vegas Valley View) and new Industrial Tint-Access store locations (Anaheim, Ontario and Oxnard). For more information regarding the addition of Devoe® industrial coatings, product availability or specifications, please contact your local store or sales representative.