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DECOPRIME is a premium, ultra-low VOC, water-based, wood primer for interior wood, hardboard, and wallboard. It is ideal for use on new wood cabinets, doors & trim. It can also be applied over previously painted wood surfaces that are in good condition. DECOPRIME is fast drying, sands easily, and provides excellent hide and sealing qualities.

  • Fast drying
  • Unmatched sandability, adhesion & enamel holdout

DECOPRIME outperforms the competition
Comparison Test

A primer that is easily sandable provides a smooth and uniform surface, allowing for maximum adhesion of a topcoat. DECOPRIME does an excellent job at sanding without gumming as compared to the competition.

Test Method:
Using a 6 mil draw down bar, apply paint onto a black scrub chart. Allow samples to dry at room temperature for 2, 4, and 6 hours. Cut 220 grit sandpaper into 1.75” by 2.5” rectangles: one for each time period. After each period of dry time, fold sandpaper around short edge of wood block (the round edge allows it to be held more easily and will sand easier). In a smooth and consistent motion, sand across the draw down for 30 cycles, using a new piece of sandpaper for each time interval. Observe the effect of the sanded surface and if there was any gumming.

Do not gum

Image 1: DECOPRIME doesn't gum up the sandpaper while sanding.

better sandability

Image 2: DECOPRIME has better sandability compared to the competition and is easier to generate powder when it is sanded.

others primers
Regional Brand

Image 3: Other primers gum up the sandpaper while sanding.

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