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Spartazero 10 1g

Premium Performance without the odor.

SPARTAZERO® is a line of premium interior, low odor, Zero VOC paints that provide exceptional hide, durability, and performance. They are ideal for use on residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, or hotels and any application where low odor products are preferred.

  • Formulated using the highest quality resins and pigments to provide better scrub and block resistance and adhesion
  • Better balance of sag resistance and flow and leveling provides a uniform, smooth finish
  • Unique thickeners to minimize roller spatter, making it easier to apply
Applications Small spartazero 10 1g
Small spartazero 20 1g
Small spartazero 30 1g
Small spartazero lowsheen
Low Sheen
Small spartazero 50 1g
Dining Room
Doors & Windows
Family Room
Kichen & Bath
Kids' Room
Shutters & Molding

These are commonly used gloss levels for surfaces listed above. Gloss may be affected by texture, porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Please contact a Dunn-Edwards representative or your local store for specific product availability.

See the SPARTAZERO® difference for yourself

Scrub Resistance Test

SPARTAZERO® outperforms other brands in durability after repeated scrub cycles. That means the painted surface will maintain its original appearance longer.

Test Method:
Paints are applied to black charts. After drying for seven days, the charts are placed in an abrasion testing machine and stopped at the indicated cycle. Complete deterioration occurs when a full line of black background is exposed.

Spartazero scrub

Adhesion Test

Paints that exhibit good wet and dry adhesion are better able to protect the substrate. SPARTAZERO® sticks to the surface better than the Regional and National brands, even when the finish is subjected to moisture.

Test Method:
A three mil draw down of the paint being tested is applied to the desired substrate (glossy aged alkyd, chalky latex, metal, etc.) and allowed to dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours, two 100 square sections are cut into the substrate using a Gardner Adhesion Knife. For dry adhesion test, Permacel tape is placed firmly over the cut with a 2" overlap of the test area. The tape is then quickly removed at a 180 degree angle. The amount of paint that is removed from the substrate is evaluated and scored using ASTM 0B – 5B rating (0 meaning complete paint removal from substrate and 5 meaning no paint removal). For wet adhesion, a 1" x 1" damp paper towel is placed over the cut section and allowed to rest there for ten minutes. After ten minutes, the paper towel is removed and the cut area is blotted dry of any excess moisture. Permacel tape is firmly placed over the test area with the same 2" overlap. The tape is then quickly removed at a 180 degree angle and the results are evaluated and scored (ASTM 0B – 5B). The lower the score, the poorer the adhesion is to that substrate. The same test method for wet/dry adhesion can be run again after a 3 day cure and 7 day cure to determine adhesion characteristic of the given paint.

Spartazero adhesion

Block Resistance Test

When two painted surfaces come into contact, such as a door and door jamb, they can stick together, or block. When that happens, the paint can peel from the surface. SPARTAZERO® clearly beats the Regional and National Brands, as their paint is sticking together and peeling from the surface.

Test Method:
Paints are applied to white charts and allowed to dry for 24 hours. The charts are then folded over each other. A weight is then placed on them to force the painted surfaces together. After 24 hours, the face-to-face charts are pulled apart to see if the dried paint stuck together.

Spartazero block

It is always recommended that SPARTAZERO® be used over properly prepared and primed surfaces. Below are our best primers for use on each type of surface.


Surface Recommended Primer
Textured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Untextured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Skim-Coated VINYLASTIC® Premium


Surface Recommended Primer
Plaster, Tilt-Up Concrete, Poured-In-Place, Brick EFF-STOP® Premium
EFF-STOP® Select
Concrete Block Smooth BLOCFIL Premium
Smooth BLOCFIL Select
Smooth Trowel ENDURASEAL® Exterior Masonry Sealer

Wood/Synthetic Wood

Surface Recommended Primer
Trims, Doors INTER-KOTE® Premium
Masonite INTER-KOTE® Premium
Hardboard INTER-KOTE® Premium


Surface Recommended Primer
Ferrous BLOC-RUST® Premium (Water Based)
Non-Ferrous ULTRA-GRIP® Premium

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