Paint Problem Solver
Fading/Poor Color Retention


Premature and/or excessive lightening of the paint color that typically occurs on surfaces with a southern exposure. Fading/poor color retention can also be a result of chalking of the paint film.


  • Use of a low-quality paint, or interior grade of paint for an exterior application
  • Use of a paint color that is prone to ultraviolet deterioration (e.g., certain bright reds, blues and yellows)
  • Painting masonry surfaces, such as stucco and concrete, that are not cured properly, resulting in alkali “burn”
  • Tinting a white paint that has not been designed to be tinted or adding too much colorant to a light or medium paint base


  • When fading/poor color retention is a result of chalking, it is necessary to remove as much of the chalk as possible.
  • When fading/poor color retention is a result of alkali “burn,” the surface should first be primed with an alkali-resistant primer before applying the finish coat.
  • When repainting, be sure to use a high-quality exterior paint and colors that are recommended for exterior use.

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